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Recovery: How Research Will Change Practice – Thomas Insel, MD (PowerPoint)
Comorbidity and Drug Abuse – Nora Volkow, MD (PowerPoint)
New Science and Therapies for Patients with MI – Edward Scolnick, MD (PowerPoint)
Aging and Life long Serious Mental Illness: An Update – Lindamer, PhD (PDF File)
Aging With a Life-Long Serious MI – Sewell (PDF File)
Black box Warnings: Antidepressants – Gutierrez, PharmD (PDF File)
Coverage for All: State Healthcare Reform Initiatives (PowerPoint)
Documenting Our Presence: Multicultural Experiences of MI – NAMI NJ (PowerPoint)
Eating For Both Mental & Physical Health – Ricci, RD (PowerPoint)
EBP and Effective Services to Multicultural Populations – Jackson, PhD (PowerPoint)
EBP and Populations of Color – Primm, MD, MPH (PowerPoint)
EBP in Multicultural Mental Health – Martinez, Psy.D (PowerPoint)
FDA Black Box Warnings: Atypical Antipsychoti – Lacro, PharmD (PDF File)
Funding Your Organization (PowerPoint)
Getting from Here to There Part 1 – Borton (PowerPoint)
Getting from Here to There Part 2 – Borton (PowerPoint)
Grading the States: NAMI’s Report on State Public Mental Health Service Systems (PowerPoint)
Guarantee the Money: Making Your Case through Program Evaluation (PowerPoint)
Health Care Reform: Another Time Around - Hyman (PowerPoint)
Holistic Recovery: Building Life Skills Healing the Brain – One (PowerPoint)
Holistic Recovery: Building Life Skills Healing the Brain – Two (PowerPoint)
How to Utilize Your Pharmacist: In the Community Pharmacy Setting – Park, PharmD (PowerPoint)
How to Utilize Your Pharmacist: In the Inpatient/Hospital Setting –Dopheide, PharmD (PowerPoint)
Increasing Financial Self Sufficiency - Clifford (PowerPoint)
Life-Threatening Rash and Pancreatitis Associated with Mood Stabilizers – Endow-Eyer, PharmD (PDF File)
Media Relations – Carolla (PowerPoint)
Medication Crossroads (PowerPoint)
Mental Health Multicultural Forum – NAMI Queens/Nassau (PowerPoint)
Mental Illness in Jail - Larson (PowerPoint)
NAMI Basics: Fundamentals of Caring for Someone with MI - Brister (PowerPoint)
NAMI Basics: Fundamentals of Caring for Someone with MI – Deal (PowerPoint)
NAMI Basics: Fundamentals of Caring for Someone with MI – Thomas (PowerPoint)
NAMI National’s Cultural Competence Assessment Results (PowerPoint)
Prison Outreach Program – Hesse (PowerPoint)
Projects to Empower and Organize the Psychiatrically Labeled, Inc. (PowerPoint)
Recovery, Power Sharing and Empowering: - Joneswebster (PowerPoint)
Section 811 Supportive Housing Program – Sperling (PowerPoint)
The Minnesota Example – Abderholden, MPH (PowerPoint)
The Nuts and Bolts of Federal Special Education Law – Smith, Esq. (PowerPoint)
The Road to Recovery for GLBT Consumers – Hellman, MD (PowerPoint)
Treatment, Not Jail: Investing in Rational System Change – Saunders & Speiser (PowerPoint)
Understanding the Experience of Family Caregivers – Corsentino (PowerPoint)
Untreated Mental Illness & Illinois Law – Gherardini (PowerPoint)
Using Coalitions to Foster Jail Diversion (PowerPoint)
Using LIHTCs to Create Integrated Supportive Housing (PowerPoint)
Using MIA Week to Build Non-Traditional Partnerships – NAMI Baltimore (PowerPoint)
Using the Arts in Recovery - Bluebird (PDF File)
Future of Supported Employment - Drake (PowerPoint)
Goldilocks “Thinking Outside of the Box” – Major Cochran (PowerPoint)
Laurel Highland Region Police CIT (PowerPoint)
Keep the Promise Coalition – Woodsby, MSW (PowerPoint)
Mental Health System Transformation (PowerPoint)
Chicago Crisis Intervention Team - Lt. Jeff Murphy and Suzanne Andriukaitis (PowerPoint)

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