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Disability Voting Rights

Every vote counts! This flyer from the National Disability Rights Network tells you more about how to protect your right to vote.

In some states, a person under guardianship or who has been found incompetent by the court may lose the right to vote. In other states, you have the right to vote even while you are in a state hospital. What's the law in your state?


Voter Identification Laws

Voter identification (ID) laws have changed recently in many states. Before you head to the polls, find out what ID, if any, is required in your state.


Voter Assistance

People living with disabilities have the right to assistance with voting, if needed. Learn how you can help with this flyer from the Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law and National Disability Rights Network.


Former Offender Voting Rights

State laws on restoring voting rights for a person convicted of a felony vary widely. Read more to see how former offenders are affected in your state


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Did you read the study released by SAMHSA? The study states that one in five Americans lived with mental illness in 2010.

Did you also know that in 2006, one in five Americans did not register to vote or renew their voter registration?

The one in five among us affected by mental illness may also be among the one in five that are not registered to vote during the time that our vote is so important.

For the one in five among us affected by mental illness, our recovery relies on empowerment, self-advocacy and personal responsibility, as well as access to timely, humane, effective and affordable care in our communities.

Our recovery relies on access to safe and affordable housing, employment and lifestyles.

Our recovery relies on building relationships and inclusion in our communities.

If you are affected by mental illness, check all that apply:
☐ Could not access mental health care when needed
☐ Have been affected by state mental health budget cuts
☐ Struggled with meeting basic needs due to cuts in benefits
☐ Was not able to afford treatment

If you put a check by any of the above, are you able to check THIS box?


If you didn’t check the box - it’s time to take action!

Find out if you are eligible to vote. You may be surprised to learn that you can still vote even if you are in the hospital, under conservatorship or if a felony conviction is part of your past.

Ask for help with voting from a friend, family member or peer supporter.

Learn about candidates' positions on issues that affect you.

Knowledge equals power and motives us to action!

If you checked the box - Rock on!

Lend your support by informing and helping others to register (NAMI folks are supreme when it comes to support!).

Ask a question on candidate websites, radio talk shows or campaign rallies.

Each one, reach one. Take at least one person with you to candidate events or forums—or to the polls.

VOTE! Our country's recovery is reliant on our recovery!

As I think about our friends and loved ones incarcerated or institutionalized because mental health care was not available when needed, I ask that we do whatever to takes to check the box:


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