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NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: April 2008
In this issue: Psychiatry and Spirituality Forum at the University of California, Irvine, Religion and Medicine, Naked on God's Doorstep: A Memoir, FaithCEP Conference: The Mental Health of our Children and Youth, LA County Department of Mental Health Conference for Clergy and Faith Leaders, Duke University Offers Summer Research Workshops

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: March 2008
In this issue: NAMI National African American Faith-Based Education Effort, California Mental Health Office Reaches out to Muslim Residents, FaithCEP Conference: The Mental Health of our Children and Youth, LA County Department of Mental Health Conference for Clergy and Faith Leaders, Duke University Offers Summer Research Workshops

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: February 2008
In this issue: Mental Health Crisis Training for Religious Leaders, New Web Site Offers Mental Illness Resources, Episcopal Mental Illness Network Workshop, FaithCEP Conference: The Mental Health of our Children and Youth, Duke University Offers Summer Research Workshops

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: January 2008
In this issue: TV Program Addresses Aging, Mental Health Issues and Faith, Brochure on Mental Illness in Older Adults, Psychiatrists and Spirituality and Duke University Spirituality and Health Workshops.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: November 2007
In this issue: Council Uses Technology to Reach Churches, Workshops Sought for 2008 NAMI Convention, and Join NAMI Online.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: October 2007
In this issue: National Day of Prayer next week; New video resource on postpartum depression; Spirituality and health: an interview with Harold Koenig

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: September 2007
In this issue: Mental Illness Awareness Week in your congregation; Bibliography on spirituality and mental health; Recent news highlights

American Muslims struggle with mental health issues
In this article from Southern California InFocus, California's largest Muslim newspaper, staff writer Roqaya Eshmawi writes about the experience of mental illness within the American Muslim community.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: July 2007
In this issue: FaithNet at NAMI Convention, Muslim mental health, new booklet on faith community outreach, and more.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: June 2007
In this issue: FaithNet at NAMI Convention, Online Poll: Have Your Clergy Been Trained?, Series Looks at Role of Church in the Lives of Those with Serious Mental Illness, Web roundup, and New FaithNet address.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: April 20, 2007
In this issue: Virginia Tech Tragedy; Mental Illness and Easter; Book Recommendation: Brain Bondage; Religious Belief and the Brain

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: March 30,2007
In this issue: Grassroots Strategy: Mental Health Education Seminars for Clergy; Countering Discrimination and Stigma; NAMIWALKS: Walk the Walk with Your Faith Community

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: March 9, 2007
In this issue: Chicago Tribune article on faith and mental illness, Stigma and faith outreach, Register now for NAMI's 2007 Convention and save

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: February 16, 2007
In this issue: Building Bridges in Black Churches, Curriculum for Caring Congregations, Previews of Video Resources Available

A Bridge to Mental Health
The Promoting Emotional Wellness and Spirituality (PEWS) program seeks to build bridges between black churches and mental health awareness programs.

NAMI FaithNet Newsletter: January 5, 2007
In this issue: The Reverend Chet Watson: Warrior and Saint, grassroots strategy: focus on caregiving ministries, and an open letter to pastors.

From Mental Illness to Spiritual Wisdom: A Father-Daughter Odyssey
NAMI is pleased to present the full audio of this moving presentation by Tom and Barb Zanzig, who found profound spiritual lessons in learning to cope with bipolar disorder as a family member and consumer, respectively.

Caution: Clergy at Risk
In this first-person article, Rev. Randall Roda, a United Methodist pastor, shares his experiences with mental illness and offers suggestions for clergy and faith communities on how to recognize and respond to mental illness when it strikes those in ministry.

Mental Illness Awareness Week and Beyond
Mental Illness Awareness Week kicks off Sunday, October 1. Local NAMI organizations from coast-to-coast, along with other concerned groups, will be tapping into the faith community to hold prayer services and vigils, and educational and awareness-building events.

Anti-Stigma Resources to Reach 26,000 Congregations
Thanks to a grant from the American Psychiatric Foundation, Pathways to Promise will produce faith-based, anti-stigma poster packets and work with NAMI and other partners to distribute them to congregations nationwide.


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