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A Tribute to The Kuehn Family

Subject: Team Kuehn!

June 10, 2013

Dear Friends and Family,

On October 20th, 2013 the Kuehnís will be running in the Detroit Marathon and Half Marathon in order to raise money for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI). Kevin and Lindsey will be running the full marathon while Joel, Jeff and Kathy will be running the half marathon.

We are asking friends and family to consider sponsoring us for this event. Each of us has a different individual running goal but as a family we hope to raise $5,000 for NAMI. We would greatly appreciate your kind consideration by making a donation toward this goal. All donations are, of course, tax deductible.

As many of you know, this is a personal cause for our family. Below is a list of our individual reasons/goals for supporting NAMI in our marathon venture.

Kathy- I am touched by my childrenís actions-- to not only run in this event but also to raise money in the process for a cause that is important to me. I am especially interested in NAMIís fight against the stigma surrounding mental illness, the inaccurate and hurtful representations of mental illness we see so often. I hope that in the future people who suffer will not have to hide their illness from others. Running, swimming and biking have been helpful to me in maintaining my emotional health. Working out has in fact benefited me in mind, body, and spirit. To see my children develop an interest in these pursuits brings me joy. To see my children want to make a difference in the world makes me feel as if I could run a marathon tomorrow. I really do not know if I can still run a half marathon. I have left my marathon and 50K run days behind. Yesterday I did a sprint triathlon rather than the Olympic Distance event I usually do and had a great time but felt certain I would have been in trouble had I undertaken the longer one. I am getting older, as difficult as that is for me to acknowledge. Maybe as Christopher McDougall says in Born to Run, we age because we stop running; we donít stop running because we age. I do know I will not be able to do these events forever. But for now, my appreciation for my familyís efforts in organizing this run for charity will motivate me every step of the way in my efforts to bring hope and courage to others.

Jeff-HELP!Ē Itís a cry no parent, no spouse wants to hear. A desperate, loud call in the middle of the night for help from someone hurting so much they would seek to harm themselves in such a way as to stop living. Itís a helpless feeling for a parent who is paralyzed by fear and the inability to make the pain go away. How could someone hurt so much inside? How could someone see or feel no hope? What can I do to show support and let others know, in my own small way, that the sun does come up tomorrow, that no matter how hopeless you feel inside there are those of us who care and will be deeply crushed if you are not here to share in lifeís ups and downs. I am overjoyed to join my family in this cause by running a half-marathon. I run not because I want to. I prefer to ride a bike or play hockey these days. There are 13.1 grueling miles in a half-marathon, each one harder than the previous one. Why do I do it? I run in the hope I can prevent one parent from hearing the gut-wrenching, piercing cry for help in the middle of the night I heard. I run in the hope one child will step forward and ask for help before itís too late. I run in the hope this country will open its heart to the cries for help and do something about the stigma toward mental illness. I run for family members ó old and young ó near and dear to me who struggle to get up in the morning but shine a bright light on so many of us. I run in the hope you will hear me and donate to the cause. I run for Kevin, Lindsey and Joel, who cooked up this terrific idea on their own. I run because, together, we can do amazing things. I run for a pair of new shoes. I run for the T-shirt. I run for the thrill of going over the Ambassador Bridge. I run so I can shout while running through the Windsor-Detroit Tunnel. I run because 1-in-5 Americans deal with mental illness. I run for the 13.1 sticker Iíll put in my car window. Finally, I run to finish. Thirteen reasons to run. All you need is one to join us in our cause.

Joel- My reason for running to support NAMI is to support the thousands of people out there who suffer from all types of mental illness. All it takes is turning on the news for 10 minutes to see that funding for such illnesses has taken a back seat to other things in this country. I hope to help people who suffer from mental illness get the treatment they need to live long healthy happy lives. Around the time Hayley and I got married, I remember a conversation I had with my Papa in which he said he was excited for us and he was excited to see us make the world a better place. At the time I thought that was an extremely optimistic statement to make and I didnít really know how we would go about doing that. I feel this opportunity in front of me is a small chance to fulfill part of what Papa was talking about and help make the world a better place. My half-marathon goal is to finish my first half-marathon alive and hopefully in a time of 2 hours. As of June 10th I have completed a 7 mile run in training and have a long ways to go. I am determined to keep up with my training schedule and gradually build up to 11 miles before the race on October 20th.

Lindsey- The reason Iím running to support NAMI is pretty simple, because I CAN and the struggles Iíve witnessed with my family that come from mental illness. I know training for a marathon is not easy, but the joy of finishing one is hard to beat. I will always remember seeing the finish line from my first marathon 2 years ago, with eyes tearing up and knowing how hard it was to get there. The feeling I got was that anything is truly POSSIBLE! That will help me in the grueling months to come of long runs, blisters, cramps, and sore muscles. The knowledge that we will be helping another individual or family that suffers with mental illness will also help me take each step to the finish line. I ran my first marathon in just over 5 hours, so my goal this year is to get under 5 hours.

Kevin-At 19 years old I was convinced that my life was over. After a failed freshman year of college with constant setbacks, subpar grades, near expulsion, and a failed suicide attempt resulting in a psychiatric hospitalization, itís needless to state that I was on a dead end road leading no where desirable. With the help of a wonderfully supportive family, an empowering counselor who gave me invaluable tools to succeed and skills to develop life long friendships, I overcame the greatest obstacle so far in my life. I have used the experiences that I went through to motivate me to live a life dedicated to helping others who find themselves in a similar position as I once was. Iíve graduated from Wayne State University Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Psychology Honors and am now employed at Brown University working as a Research Assistant in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior. My future career goals are to gain admittance into a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program to research ways to prevent suicidal behaviors in adolescents. Iím only able to do this because I received the help that I so desperately needed and had nonjudgmental and supportive people who walked with me in my suffering. Iím asking for help in making sure that others are able to continue to receive the same great help that I was. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) provides advocacy, access to treatment and services, and funding for research so that many more people are empowered to live fulfilled lives and to become empowered to take charge of their lives. Recently, I trained for and completed the Providence Marathon on May 12, 2013 in 3 hours and 29 minutes making that day one of the most memorable days in my life. The look of shock, awe, and pride in my fatherís eyes will be something that I will always hold onto. Iím running a second marathon to prove to myself that with a little hard work and determination, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Please help us to pay it forward.

Thank you for anything you can contribute. Just the fact that this is something that we can all take part in together is going to make this a very special event/day for our family. With your help we feel as though we can also make this a special day for people who suffer from mental illness as well.

There is plenty of space along the course to come out and cheer each of us on whether you can contribute or not. Loud cheering and colorful signs will be welcomed at any point along the race to help push us to reach our goals.


The Kuehnís

TO SPONSOR: Visit our fundraising page:


Donate Now


The Kuehn Family





This page was created by Kevin Kuehn in honor of The Kuehn Family

Given in honor of The Kuehn Family

Peter Simon

Wishing the Kuehn family A Great Run!!!


Taylor Boewe



Karen Brant

It is always nice to hear good things about Harlan families and I am very proud to support you.


Karin Akre

Go Kuehns! Wonderful that you're doing this!


Marggaret Buck

What an inspiring article Jeff- Best of luck to you all on your run!


Sharon Thornton

Good Luck & God Bless!


Stephen Kuehn

Break a leg!-GSTV


Ken and Pat Kish

Great article, Jeff! Go Kuehns!


Ken and Pat Kish

Great article, Jeff! Go Kuehns!


Jeanne Plater

Go Kuehns!


Sharon Zimnie

Congrats to the Kuehn Family. You all are already winners in your support of NAMI and each other...


Christina Daymon

Great Job Joel!


Matt Grimes



Phil Hsu

We are extremely proud of you guys and for such a good cause too! Keep all the training up, you a...


Pat Brush

Good luck on the run, Joel!


Carol Clingan

You all are inspirations! Huzzah! And thank you!


Johanna Gavin

So cool you guys are doing this! Very impressed and fully supportive of this cause! Good luck!



Go Kuehn family!!!



Inspiring ... good luck to each of you.


Heather Hower

Sending positive thoughts all around!!!


Barbara Akre

Go Kuehns!!!


Jann DevereuxJannD



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