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Full of in-depth stories on mental illness, research, mental health legislation, surveys, personal stories, and NAMI events, our publications keep you up to date on the state of mental health in our country. 

The Advocate

Spring 2015 Advocate cover

NAMI's Advocate magazine is published 3 times a year and is a NAMI member benefit.

In every issue, we cover a variety of topics relating to mental health, from research to pop culture to personal stories. If you'd like to start receiving the Advocate, become a NAMI member today.

Download a digital version of the latest issue, or past issues, of the Advocate (NAMI membership required).

In the Latest Issue

  • On the Cover: Success through Failure: Dr Marsha Linehan Speaks About Her Visionary Therapy

Also Inside:

  • Putting a Plan in Place to Help Your Child Succeed at School
  • When Your Are in Crisis, These Are the People Who Answer the Call
  • Helping Students Cope with the Pressures of College
  • After Decades of Life-changing Results, Clubhouses Get the Spotlight They Deserve
  • Goodbye, Breeze
  • In a Mental Health Crisis, Do You Know What to Do?
  • Calling 911 and Talking with Police
  • A Houston Miracle: Working with NAMI to Improve the Health Care Experience
  • Gorilla on Your Back
  • Finding a Piece of Sky in the Deepest Oceans: An Interview with Author Neal Shusterman

Digital Newsletters

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  • NAMI Now, which features news, blogs and information on mental illness, research, arts and culture, NAMI inside events and more
  • NAMI e-News, which features the latest in federal action alerts, legislation and policy updates
  • CIT In Action, which features news and information about police Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) programs, jail diversion, community reentry and decriminalization initiatives

Public Policy Reports

NAMI publishes reports on critical, emerging issues to help inform the public about the importance of effective mental health policy.

Survey Reports

NAMI publishes public and community survey reports to explore and discover the experiences and perspectives of individuals, family caregivers and members of the public on an array of important topics.