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The Campaign for the Mind of America is a multi-year effort on many fronts to promote investment in recovery and to prevent the abandonment of yet another generation of Americans with mental illnesses to neglect and hopelessness. The Campaign highlights the need to build a comprehensive, efficient system to screen, evaluate, diagnose and treat mental illnesses at every stage of life.

Talking Points for Calling Louisiana Legislators

May 2005

  • Cutting access to mental health treatment for people with mental illness will cost lives and result in huge costs to our police, courts, businesses, schools, and families.
  • Funding access to mental health treatment and medications in medicaid saves the state money as community and other costs that are of greater fiscal consequence are avoided.
  • Do not jeopardize the law that protects access to medications for people with mental illness in Louisiana…VOTE NO TO HB 369!
  • P0licies that require medicaid recipients with mental illness to switch medications, fail on older or cheaper medications, or restrict access to prescribed medications lead to high costs crisis interventions and hospitalizations that waste limited tax dollars.
  • On average, a year’s worth of medication for a person on medicaid with mental illness averages $3800 vs. an average of $950 a day for hospitalization. Funding mental health medications in medicaid is cost effective and necessary.

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Baton Rouge Advocate Newspaper Ad
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