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Brain Stimulation Shown to Affect How Brain Processes Stimuli, Potential to Aid in Stress-Related Disorders

Jul 01 2022
New research suggests that noninvasive vagus nerve stimulation (nVNS), a form of brain stimulation therapy, may help train the brain to more appropriately respond to threats. Researchers conducted a randomized controlled trial among participants without mental health conditions to measure their reaction time and response levels to images. Participants who received nVNS had quicker reaction times overall, increased responsivity to negative images, and decreased responsivity to positive images. In other words, participants’ “fight or flight” response was efficient and appropriate based on the stimulus they were viewing. Future research should focus on testing nVNS in individuals with mental health conditions, particularly those related to stress and threat perception, such as PTSD and anxiety. To learn more, see the study in Brain Stimulation.