Family Education and Support

Family support and education is fundamental to the well-being of children, youth, young adults and adults who live with mental health conditions.

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Jailing People with Mental Illness

In a mental health crisis, people are more likely to encounter police than get medical help. As a result, 2 million people with mental illness are booked into jails each year. 

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Many states cover a broad array of community mental health services and supports in their Medicaid programs that are rarely, if ever, covered by private insurance.

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Medicaid Expansion

The ACA allows states to expand Medicaid eligibility to uninsured adults and children whose incomes are at or below 138% of the federal poverty level (FPL).

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Mental Health in Schools

School personnel are in a key position to identify the early warning signs of an emerging mental health condition and to link students with effective services and supports.

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Mental Health Screening

Mental health screening is essential to early identification and intervention of youth living with mental health conditions.

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Parity for Mental Health Coverage

Parity for mental health coverage helps ensure that people get the treatment they need from their health insurance.

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Violence and Gun Reporting Laws

Most people with mental illness are not violent. In fact, people with mental illness are more likely to be the victims of violence.

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As part of my recovery, I learned as much as I could about schizophrenia, which further deepened my compassion for those with mental health conditions and their loved ones. I now speak about the resources available from NAMI at a local hospital and teach the NAMI Family-to-Family class.

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