Barbara Ricci

Barbara Ricci serves as a Director on the NAMI Board of Directors and also as the Co-Board President of NAMI New York City Metro. In her professional life she is a Managing Director in Global Markets at Deutsche Bank in New York City. 

Ms. Ricci found NAMI when her brother developed schizoaffective disorder. Barbara hopes to increase NAMI’s profile at the national, state and local levels so that more families in need can benefit from their evidence based free programs and services.

Ms. Ricci serves on the NYC Regional Planning Consortium Executive Council at the request of NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Commissioner Dr. Mary Bassett.  She is a founding advisory board member of Partners for Strong Minds and also a founding co-chair for The Dalton School’s Health and Wellness Parent Committee.

Since 2013 she has published numerous articles including Psychiatric Services, “What Can We Do About Stigma?”; Everyday Health, “Don’t Miss Warning Signs of Teen Mental Illness”; Huffington Post, “#IWILLLISTEN: NAMI NYC Metro’s Mental Illness Stigma Fight Goes to the Midwest”; and, “Working Well: Leading a Mentally Healthy Business”. Ms. Ricci has been featured in Harvard Business Review “When You’re Worried About a Colleague’s Mental Health” and has provided expert commentary for Harvard Business Review Case Study “What to Do for a Struggling Colleague”.  

Ms. Ricci earned her Bachelors of Arts degree at Franklin and Marshall College.

For the 2016-2017 NAMI Board term, Barbara will serve as a member of the Development, Finance, Planning and Policy Committees.