Catherine "Carrie" Roach, M.S.

Catherine "Carrie" Roach, M.S.Catherine (Carrie) Roach is a member of the NAMI Board of Directors, and a Consulting Statistician in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  Carrie is a member of NAMI Ramsey County where she has been an enthusiastic advocate for legislative change, speaking about recovery across the state, and spotlighting NAMI’s IOOV program.  Carrie has served on the NAMI Minnesota Board of Directors and its Executive Committee, represented Minnesota peers to the NAMI Peer Leadership Council, served on the Executive Committee of this council (including serving as Chair) and was advanced by this council as its Director to the NAMI Board.

Carrie found NAMI through her mother who’d found her own help here.  Carrie knew that alleviation of symptoms wasn’t enough, nor was peer support; she wanted policy changes to take place for her peers and those who support them.  Through her affiliation with NAMI, Carrie seeks to advance relevant access to exceptional care regardless of an individual’s ethnicity or economic level.  She aims to promote programs that might ensure rapid and successful recoveries for everyone on all sides of our vast field of mental illness.

Carrie is a member of the National Rehabilitation Association where she collaborates with other professionals to develop employment opportunities for her peers who also have a lived experience of mental illness.  Her program in Minnesota was the first to include the role of a Certified Peer Support Specialist on the Individualized Placement and Support team.  Carrie and her supportive employment colleagues make presentations at NAMI Minnesota Family-to-Family classes and professional conferences.

Carrie earned her M.S. in Statistics at the University of Minnesota where she developed applications to scale categorical or discrete responses onto a continuous range, then provided quantitative business operations analyses within Fortune 500 companies, and now uses her own corporation to support researchers.  Carrie is dedicated to guiding board conversations away from the “us” and “them” categories and toward continuums of resolution which bring satisfying solutions.

During the 2019-2020 Board term, Carrie serves on the Finance & Audit, Governance, and Planning Committees with the additional responsibility as Chair of the Planning Committee.