Catherine "Carrie" Roach, M.S.

Catherine "Carrie" Roach is a member of the NAMI Board of Directors and works as an Employment Specialist at Lifetrack on a program dedicated to the Ramsey County Mental Health Center which follows the evidence-based Individualized Placement and Support model of supported employment. Carrie was the NAMI Consumer Council Chair from 2014-2016. She previously represented NAMI Minnesota on that council. Carrie has been an avid IOOV presenter and legislative advocate. She has lived with and experienced mental illness; she knows firsthand what it is like to walk in the world with this challenge, but she lives a full and completely satisfying life.

Carrie found NAMI through her ever-present desire to support others and create change, even in the midst of her own relapses. Through her affiliation with NAMI, she hopes to continue to honor each individual’s trauma while bringing about cultural change in our world so that her peers may enjoy leading the most fulfilling, strengths-based life they may have ever known!

Carrie’s professional career for the last thirty-two years includes a Masters Degree in Statistics. She has completed research in food science and telecommunications, taught math and statistics to people of all ages (from 12 to 78), and has started up her own businesses. Carrie also worked as a cashier at a garden store and a gas-station where she developed steadfast and warm customer service skills. Holding both full- and part-time positions throughout her mental illnesses, Carrie knows what it takes to overcome personal limitations. She understands the complexity of diligence, persistence, keeping the faith, having humility, and being bold as these character traits come together in success. In her journey, Carrie has completed extensive study on the effects of mental illness and experienced first-hand the tragic losses and even the joys that can come as we discover our selves.

Carrie is a Minnesota Peer Support Specialist, a member of the National Rehabilitation Association, and avidly advocates for using service dogs in mental health recovery. She loves to walk her own canine companion – Taylor – an 11-year old, male, all-black, English Cocker Spaniel. Carrie has always enjoyed presenting on the topic of service dogs and has done so most recently at the 2016 NAMI Convention, the 2014 iNAPS Convention, NAMI State Organizations and Local Affiliates as well as to other professionals, her peers and many compassionate family members.

Carrie Roach earned her M.S. degree at the University of Minnesota. She is a member of NAMI Minnesota in Saint Paul where she lives with her canine companion Taylor and promotes the consideration of using service dogs and emotional support animals in mental health recovery.