Victoria "Vickey" Gonzalez

2nd Vice President


Vickey Gonzalez is a member on the NAMI Board of Directors and a retired real estate broker.

Mrs. Gonzalez was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 25 years ago, but she has been in recovery for many years. When she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, she isolated herself for over two years. Her psychiatrist suggested her go to NAMI Metro Suburban located in Oak Park Ill.

Shortly after that, she was hired by NAMI Metro to be an administrative assistant. Having a job gave her back her self-esteem. After taking a NAMI Peer-to-Peer course, she became a mentor for the program. She is a Connection facilitator in Spanish, and she is also a state trainer. She became a national instructor teaching Conexcion in St. Louis.

As a Hispanic woman, Mrs. Gonzalez hopes to represent and serve the Hispanic community and the many diverse cultures NAMI represents. She also wants to help the veterans who have served our country so honorably.

She owned and operated a Century 21 office for 12 years. She is a member of NAMI Metro Suburban, Ill.