Abigail Colodner

Project Specialist, Plain Language Editor
Information, Support and Education

Abigail Colodner works to make NAMI’s programs more inclusive and effective. She edits program and outreach materials to follow plain language standards, making NAMI’s program content easier to read, say and understand.

She previously worked as a White House intern during the passage of the Affordable Care Act, an experience that furthered her interest in disability rights and mental health. She studied public policy at the University of Michigan and worked as a fine arts editor and writer for The Michigan Daily.

What piece of your work at NAMI are your most proud of?

I’m most proud of my editing work on NAMI Basics and NAMI Provider. Each of these programs required me to rewrite hundreds of pages of dense lecture content. I had to keep the information intact while resolving outdated language and creating a consistent, professional, friendly tone. I also worked to make the content more accessible to English-language learners and more inclusive of all our potential program participants.

Who inspires you?

My older sister, who has intellectual and developmental disabilities, inspires me. She keeps her conviction in her own worth despite a lifetime of societal messages to the contrary. She persists through her anxiety, through the bewildering worlds of social security disability insurance and Medicaid, and people’s perceptions of her. I’m grateful for her insights and sophistication. 


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