Nathan Lemon

Senior Web Producer
Marketing and Communications

Nathan Lemon has been a designer for over 10 years working in web design, graphic design and branding. He has always been passionate about using design to improve how people connect and relate to important causes. Nathan has helped NAMI's communications team win multiple awards for nonprofit public relations campaigns. He is also a photographer, coffee enthusiast and has far too much knowledge of random trivia.

What piece of your work at NAMI are you most proud of?

I am most proud of the work we've done for our awareness campaigns. It's always amazing to see these events grow, see people connect with them and watch how our culture destigmatizes the experience of talking about mental health conditions. Some of our previous campaigns have even taken on new life as permanent features, like You Are Not Alone.

What's something about you that would surprise others?

I have an actual Marvel super villain named after me—the result of working for a comic book artist for a few years. I don’t exactly have a name that says, “comic book villain,” though.

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