NAMI Blog & Advocate Submission Guidelines

We’re always accepting submissions to the NAMI Blog and NAMI Advocate magazine. Unfortunately, we can’t publish every submission received, so the best way to ensure publication is to follow these guidelines closely. Thank you and good luck!

Submissions that violate the Suicide Reporting Guidelines will not be accepted. 


  • Length: 500-800 words.
  • Tone: Friendly, informative, empathetic and reliable.
  • Topic: Talk about strategies for living well, fresh insights, practical tips, latest research, ways to end stigma or share your personal experience with mental illness. 
  • Format: Use headings and bullet points. Make it easy to scan.

Our blog is a “friendly guide” that leads readers through difficult topics by breaking them down in plain language. Blog submissions also typically include clear tips and/or advice for readers to take away. Check out some examples by clicking the links below:


  • Length: 1000-2000 words.
  • Tone: Informative, reliable, journalistic.
  • Topic: Talk about strategies for living well fresh insights, practical tips, latest research or ways to end stigma.
  • Format: Use headings and bullet points. Make it easy to scan.

Advocate submissions should be high-quality pieces that really explore their topic. Feel free to let your inner journalist out. If your piece is not accepted for publication in Advocate, we may ask you to repurpose it for the NAMI Blog. Check out some examples of Advocate articles:

For All Submissions, Please Include:

  1. An attached Word doc. We'd prefer your wonderful writing come as a fully formed draft in a Word document—no need to pitch ideas first (unless you really want to!).
  2. Citations/linking. We like our content to give advice that is backed by research, which means you should link to any statistic or health claim you reference.
  3. A brief author’s biography. Your bio will appear at the bottom of your work; you are permitted to reference your personal/company website or blog.


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