Apply for NAMI Next Gen

Applications for NAMI’s young adult advisory group, NAMI Next Gen, are now open until Sept. 30, 2022

We believe youth mental health services, resources, and programs should be informed and led by young people.  If you’re looking to break the stigma around mental health, and use your voice for change, NAMI Next Gen is the opportunity for you.

NAMI Next Gen is an advisory group made up of a diverse group of 10 young adults aged 18-25 with the sole intention of helping youth and young adults across the nation affected by mental health conditions. We hope to bring together young people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences to provide vital perspectives on how NAMI can best serve our nation’s youth.

This role is from January – December 2023

The mission of NAMI Next Gen is to serve as leaders who address the mental health and well-being of their peers through resource development, shared decision-making, program planning and bringing valuable youth perspectives to NAMI’s organizational work.

The goal of NAMI Next Gen is to spread awareness, educate, advocate for and empower youth and young adults.


What to expect from NAMI Next Gen:

  • An average of 3-4 hours a month of compensated time spent on NAMI activities which will ensure our organization speaks to and reaches youth and young adults. Based on each individual’s interests, these activities may include:
    • Advising the direction of NAMI initiatives and research.
    • Planning, participating in and facilitating youth-focused events.
    • Evaluating and informing NAMI content and resources.
    • Contributing to NAMI’s social media content.
    • Writing for NAMI publications.
    • Speaking to the media or representing NAMI through other public speaking opportunities.
    • Developing leadership skills through mentorship.

Benefits of being a NAMI Next Gen Member:

  • Engage in creative and innovative efforts to support the mental well-being of youth and young adults.
  • Gain valuable leadership and service experience.
  • Increase knowledge about youth mental health policies and programs.
  • Receive compensation of $20/hour for 3-4 hours a week spent on NAMI activities.

Youth mental health has never been more important than now, join NAMI Next Gen to impact change!