Building a CIT Program

A Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) program often begins with the good intentions and hard work of a few dedicated individuals. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, mental health provider, someone personally affected by mental illness or a concerned community member—you can be the catalyst for CIT in your community. So, let’s get started! Here are the key elements for building a CIT program.

Step One: Form Partnerships

Community partnerships are the key to a successful CIT program. Start off on the right foot by learning more about CIT, building a coalition of support and engaging community leaders. Learn more about forming partnerships.

Step Two: Create Change

Think through how your community currently responds to mental health crises. Then work with your partners to make improvements, identify gaps in services, change policies and procedures and train law enforcement officers. Learn more about creating change.

Step Three: Sustain Your Efforts

CIT is a long-term commitment. Make it is sustainable by involving your community, evaluating your program to demonstrate its success, looking for funding and advocating for improvements to mental health care. Learn more about sustaining your efforts.