Divert from Justice Involvement

NAMI fights for policies to get people help, not handcuffs. In a mental health crisis, people with mental illnesses frequently encounter police rather than get medical attention. As a result, people with mental illness are over-represented in the criminal justice system. Every community should have robust crisis services for people experiencing a psychiatric emergency to receive help and avoid justice system involvement.

Death Penalty

death penalty

​NAMI opposes the death penalty for persons with serious mental illness or those who are mentally disabled.


Jailing People with Mental Illness

police cars

NAMI believes that everyone should have access to a full array of mental health services and supports that reduce involvement with the criminal justice system.


Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs)

judge signing order

NAMI supports laws authorizing Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPOs) when they are carefully crafted to focus on specific, current behaviors and evidence-based risk factors for violence. NAMI opposes any ERPO laws that target, single out, or discriminate against people based on a diagnosis of a mental health condition by a qualified professional.