Learn the Issues

Mental health advocates have shaped laws, increased funding and promoted research to address the inequities and injustices facing people with mental illness in our country for decades.

We’ve made progress, but we still have further to go. Mental health advocates have an opportunity this year to help identify and elect more mental health champions into office who understand mental health issues and are committed to funding the services and supports that people with mental illness need to get better and stay better.

From district attorneys to county officials to governors and members of Congress, every elected official plays a role in determining what services and supports are available to people with mental illness. Click here to learn more about how different elected officials affect mental health care.

There are many issues that mental health advocates care about. Most fall into three main categories:

  1. Promote Innovation
    Mental health champions support investing in and accelerating research to better understand the brain and improve treatment options for a wide array of mental health conditions. Champions also support models that promote the integration of mental health care into primary health care settings.
  2. Improve Care
    Mental health champions support expanding health coverage with fair and equal coverage of mental health and substance use care. Champions also support increasing access to quality mental health care.
  3. Support Recovery
    Mental health champions promote stable housing for people with mental illness and other community supports, such as supported employment, that help people stay on the path of recovery. Champions also know that people experiencing mental health crises need treatment, not jail, and support strategies to divert people from handcuffs to help.