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Affordable mental health coverage opens doors to help people with mental illness get the care and treatment they need to succeed at work and school, in their families and in the community. Yet, more than half of adults with a mental health conditions did not get any treatment in the last year. Among those with the most severe mental health conditions, nearly one-third received no treatment in the last year.

People who seek treatment frequently find a fragmented and costly system full of obstacles. As a result, many people cannot access mental health care and services when they need it most. All Americans should have coverage for mental health care and effective services and supports that promote recovery.  

Do your candidates support improving mental health care coverage, services and quality?

To find out where your candidate stands, ask them:

  • What will you do to improve coverage for mental health care?
  • How will you make sure more people have access to mental health treatment and services?
  • How will you promote earlier intervention for people experiencing mental illness?

A mental health champion who seeks to improve mental health care would support:

  • Requiring insurance safeguards that ensure quality coverage of mental health and substance use treatment
  • Promoting Medicaid expansion, which removes barriers for people with mental illness by allowing people to qualify for coverage based on income, rather than a disability determination
  • Increasing the number of first episode psychosis (FEP) programs, which provide recovery-focused therapy, medication management, supported education and employment, family support and education, case management and peer support
  • Expanding Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) teams that provide intensive, wraparound treatment and support to people with serious mental illness
  • Investing in research and improved mental health care for our nation’s veterans
  • Increasing the availability of Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics, which integrate primary care into behavioral health care clinics

Suggested Facebook post:

More than half of people with a mental health condition went without treatment in the last year. Affordable coverage helps people with mental illness get the treatment they need to succeed at work and school and in the community. Vote for mental health champions that want to improve mental health care for every American.  #Vote4MentalHealth

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