Mobilize Mental Health Voters

Help others in your area register to vote

Consider partnering with a local organization experienced in doing voter registration drives, like the League of Women Voters, which conducts nonpartisan drives in hundreds of communities every year. Other groups may also be willing to help you and provide you access to a new audience. For example, student groups may be interested in registering voters as part of a community service project. Remember to only partner with nonpartisan organizations.

Your local Board of Elections (often in your county or city clerk’s office) can provide information as you plan to register mental health advocates to vote. Check with them to learn about the registration deadline in your state and any rules on who can register voters in your state. You can also request voter rolls for your community, so you know who in your target audience is already registered. Your Board of Elections can also provide you with voter registration forms for your drive.

There are several ways to conduct voter registration drives:

  • Include voter registration information in your regular communications to members and supporters and on your website and social media
  • Hold social events that include voter registration materials and assistance
  • Host voter registration and information tables at community and civic events, including NAMIWalks

As a nonprofit, all voter registration efforts must be nonpartisan. Learn more about nonpartisan voter registration strategies here. 

Share Why You Are A Mental Health Voter With Others

Social media is an ideal platform to share why you are a mental health voter. Share the graphics below on your social media accounts to encourage others to become a mental health voter.

Download graphic for Facebook

Download graphic for Twitter

Download graphic for Instagram

You can also share why you plan to Vote4MentalHealth. Print out this handout, write why you are a mental health voter and share a picture on social media with the hashtag #Vote4MentalHealth.

Click here to download the handout.

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