Mobilize Mental Health Voters

Help others in your area register to vote and make a voting plan

  1. Educating voters about the issues and the process. Voters may not know the rules for voting in your community, like whether they need to bring an ID card. They also may not make the connection on how their vote impacts the mental health services and supports they see in their community. In the lead-up to the election, your NAMI can be the source of both.
  2. Promoting voter registration and the Pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth. NAMI has created the Pledge to #Vote4MentalHealth as a way to get people who care about mental health excited about the elections. A simple way to get your members and community engaged is to direct them to take the pledge, and they will then receive voting and registration reminders. Your NAMI can also organize voter registration activities to ensure that those affected by mental illness understand how to exercise their right to vote.
  3. Sharing information on options for voting. Voting is no longer just done on Election Day. Your NAMI can share information on how to vote in person on Election Day as well as how to vote in person during early voting or vote-by-mail in your area. The rules differ state to state, so your NAMI can serve as a trusted resource to share information about their options – and how to exercise their right to vote safely.
  4. Providing voting reminders and helping to Get Out the Vote. Even when people are registered to vote, they may not go to the polls or send in their ballots. Your NAMI can play a role by sending information on where and when to cast their ballot, support people getting to the polls or help them make a plan to vote.
  5. Promoting ballot measures. NAMIs and other nonprofit organizations may get engaged in promoting votes for or against ballot measures. Often, these ballot measures can have a major impact on people with mental illness, so your NAMI’s perspective may help voters understand their options.

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