Ensuring Your Child is Supported at School

By Deborah Offner, Ph.D. | May. 14, 2018

Most educators would be naturally inclined to accommodate, include and support your child experiencing a mental health condition. And it’s their job to do so. Your job is to enlist their help.

I Found My Purpose

By Anita Herron | May. 09, 2018

"When we were telling our stories, I broke down for the first time. My poor husband was shocked and didn’t know how to respond. After all, I didn’t cry. I was strong. I had to be. But on this day, I wasn’t strong. I was angry—at the mental health system, at my son’s birth family, at the world."

Preventing a Generation from Struggling in Silence

By Laura Greenstein | May. 07, 2018

If we fail to teach the younger generations about mental health, they may struggle alone rather than talk to people who can help them. They may feel ashamed for what they experience rather than know it’s not their fault. They may even take their lives.

Gamers Champion Mental Health Awareness

By Patrick McMahon | May. 04, 2018

RPG Limit Break is back again this Mental Health Month, speedrunning video games to raise awareness about mental illness and funds for NAMI. This event is what happens when we all band together for a common cause.

Are You a Chronic Self-Abandoner?

By Brianna Johnson | Apr. 30, 2018

Self-abandonment is when you reject, suppress or ignore part of yourself in real-time. In other words, you have a need or desire you want to meet, and (often on the spot) you make the decision not to meet it. Sound familiar?

Encouraging Youth to Share their Stories

By Laura Greenstein | Apr. 27, 2018

As a society, we should be encouraging young people to be open about their mental health rather than allowing them to struggle in silence. So, we’ve teamed up with Adobe Project 1324 to get young people involved in breaking the stigma—through art.

The Double Standard of Mental Illness

By Michelle Walshe | Apr. 25, 2018

"If a family member walked into your living room, bent over in pain and screaming for help, what would you do? You would help, of course. But with mental health, the picture is so different."

Anxiety, My Companion

By Laura Greenstein | Apr. 23, 2018

"My relationship with Anxiety is like what they say about falling in love: 'gradual and then all at once.'"

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