Everyone Deserves Adequate Mental Health Care

By Mike Gaeta | Jul. 26, 2017

"There are gross inadequacies and structural problems in the mental health system. More and better family education and outreach are essential in order to mitigate the cultural barriers that play a part in impeding Latino families from realizing and accepting they need help."

An Important Conversation with My Mom

By DeWanda Wise | Jul. 25, 2017

"Don't be afraid to tell others how you are really feeling the next time someone asks, 'How are you?' It makes all the difference in the world if you have someone who you know genuinely cares. Try to be that person for someone else and see what a difference it will make in your life."

A Film Festival to Spread Positivity

By Trina Wyatt | Jul. 24, 2017

There are many ways watching films can help people. Movies can destigmatize mental illness; explore trauma and possible cures; promote compassion; and most importantly let people know they are not alone.

Seeking Help When You Need It

By Elise Banks, M.S., LPC | Jul. 21, 2017

"Statistics show that many minority groups do not seek psychological treatment when needed. There are a variety of reasons why this is, but I believe one of the reasons is the tendency to keep issues 'in the family.' And this cultural standard made sense to me until the age of 21..."

You Can’t “Pray Away” a Mental Health Condition

By Fonda Bryant | Jul. 19, 2017

"With all that my culture had to deal with throughout history, present-day African-Americans feel we don’t need help mentally. All we need to do today is the same our ancestors did, which is: 'Pray about it. Give it to God.' But you wouldn’t tell someone with cancer, diabetes or heart problem to just pray about it or give it to God, would you?"

I Remember When Worry Was a Friend

By Tamar Lucien | Jul. 14, 2017

"Stigma around mental illness and therapy is deeply rooted in my culture. It’s seen as a weakness or a 'made up' ailment and going to therapy is a luxury reserved for those of white privilege. But by the time I reached adulthood, I realized I had to do something."

Breaking Tradition

By AJ Mendez | Jul. 12, 2017

"I was raised in a rowdy Puerto Rican family. We spoke our minds about anything and everything under the sun. If we had an opinion, we had it at the top of our lungs. We took pride in our strong emotions. But pain was the exception to the rule. Pain was something you kept quietly under wraps."

Challenging Multicultural Disparities in Mental Health

By Elena Schatell | Jul. 10, 2017

Many people are unable to attain their highest level of mental wellness for several reasons, and the culture of mental health is just one barrier. Understanding why cultural disparities exist and persist in the mental health field is difficult because the issue is complex. The following is some of what we do know on the topic.

Expanding Access to Mental Health Care

By James Varrell, M.D. | Jul. 07, 2017

More than 55 percent of U.S. counties are currently without any psychiatrists at all. Even in areas that do have mental health professionals, there are simply not enough providers to go around. Telepsychiatry offers an alternative. 

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