My Reality During A Psychotic Episode

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Jun. 12, 2019
"As the medications began to take effect. I very sadly started to realize that I was not a prophet. I was just a very sick person. I remain convinced to this day that I became psychotic trying make sense of our world."

My Journey with Schizophrenia

By Rebecca Lyn Phillips | Jun. 07, 2019
"Because of the love, support and compassion of my family, my treatment team and the people at my church, I am able to say I have come a long way."

Finding My Purpose After Psychosis

By Susan Weiner | Jun. 05, 2019
"Mental illness doesn’t have to be the one definition of who we are. Though mental illness is a devastating diagnosis, I firmly believe we can overcome our limitations to live a life of satisfaction." 

Living Extraordinary Alones

By Benjamin Boone | Jun. 03, 2019
"Ten years and nine hospitalizations later, I found that there is not just one kind of “alone.” There are scary alones, lonely alones, secret alones, alones in solace and alones that are empowering.  As people with mental illness, we often travel through these different alones."

How TV Shows Make Me Feel Less Alone

By DeWanda Wise | May. 31, 2019
"When my depression hits, my body feels restricted, as though a weight I cannot see has made a home on my chest. The only thing I latch onto is knowing I’ve come out of it before. I think we all need that one thread to help pull us through."