Mental Health is a Balancing Act

By Laura Greenstein | Mar. 17, 2017

While it may seem overrated or impossible, maintaining balance throughout our lives is a cornerstone of overall well-being. But what does "maintaining balance" actually look like? 

Beyond Silence: Stopping Stigma One Story at a Time

By Laura Greenstein | Mar. 10, 2017

Created in partnership with NAMI, the new documentary Beyond Silence highlights three courageous individuals determined to break through the silence of mental illness stigma by sharing their mental health journeys with the world.

Medicaid Matters: Lifting a Family from Fear to Hope

By Happy Carlock | Mar. 08, 2017

Mental health services are under serious threat as Congress considers restructuring Medicaid financing. If the proposed changes pass, millions of Americans will likely face waitlists for mental health services, reduced hours of services, fewer providers and less intensive mental health services.

Loving Someone with Bipolar Disorder

By Joanne M. Doan | Feb. 27, 2017
While no marriage is easy, challenges stack up when a mental health condition is added to the mix. The diagnosis of bipolar disorder, for example, can test even the strongest of foundations.

The Reps are Back in Town: Make Your Voice Heard

By Jessica W. Hart | Feb. 23, 2017

As a member of the mental health movement, local town hall meetings are where you can exercise your right as a citizen to speak with your representatives about the importance of quality, affordable mental health coverage.