Being a Parent When You Have Anxiety

By Vanna Winters | Feb. 06, 2019
For someone who has an anxiety disorder, becoming a parent can significantly impact symptoms. Here are the ways Vanna has learned to cope with her increased anxiety after having kids.

How to Use Journaling as a Coping Tool

By Matt Johnson | Jan. 30, 2019
Journaling can help someone with mental illness track their symptoms, understand their triggers and see patterns of behavior. Here's how to approach journaling in an effective way.

Combatting the Loneliness of Mental Illness

By Nikki Mattocks | Jan. 28, 2019

When you have mental illness, it can be hard to find others who understand. And the loneliness can make symptoms even worse, creating a cycle of isolation. Here are a few ways to stay connected even during challenging phases of mental illness.

Coping with Mental Illness: What Not to Do

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Jan. 25, 2019
When it comes to coping with mental illness, we tend to focus on what we should be doing. But it is just as important to avoid actions that hold us back from getting better.

How I Cope with Health Anxiety

By Laila Resende | Jan. 18, 2019
"My health anxiety gives me the sensation of being held hostage by my own body. As though my cells, tissues and organs do not belong to me. Instead, I must do as they please."

7 Tools for Managing Traumatic Stress

By Adena Bank Lees | Jan. 16, 2019
Managing traumatic stress can be incredibly challenging, especially when symptoms are unpredictable and make it difficult to function. It can be helpful to have tools at the ready for when you’re feeling the scary reach of traumatic stress.

Learning to Find My Identity with Bipolar Disorder

By Elizabeth Drucker | Jan. 11, 2019
"Many people with serious mental health conditions struggle to accept their diagnoses and the implications it means for their life—and I was no exception. I felt as if I was giving up my identity for one I didn’t want."