A Letter to Those I Love

By Talia Bina | Aug. 14, 2019
"All I ask of you is to understand. To know that I’m sorry for pushing you away, for not being the most engaged friend, for cancelling plans and acting differently. All I ask is that you understand, you support me and you love me."

The Role of Mental Health Education

By Doug Colbeth | Aug. 12, 2019
In order to recieve the best possible treatment, those with mental illness and their family members need access to an in-depth mental health education. 

Loosening the Grip of Mental Illness

By Laura Susanne Yochelson | Aug. 09, 2019
"Loosening the grip of mental illness took a full year. No one flipped a switch. The transition from the world inside my head to the world outside was not only difficult but also fragile."

Study Shows NAMI Homefront Helps Veteran Family Members

By Lisa Dixon, M.D. | Aug. 02, 2019
NAMI Homefront is an educational program that addresses the unique needs of those closest to military service members and veterans. A new study found that the program improves coping skills and knowledge of mental illness, among other major benefits. 

Cultivating Self-Acceptance in The LGBTQ Community

By Chris Tompkins | Jul. 29, 2019
"Making amends where there’s been harm is part of the healing process. The more we can recognize, repent, and repair, the more we can prevent future generations from experiencing not only shame, but trauma."

Mental Health Challenges in Immigrant Communities

By Katherine Ponte, BA, JD, MBA, CPRP | Jul. 22, 2019
"My quintessential hard-working immigrant success story still does not address a very important factor: I live with bipolar disorder. The mental health challenges that immigrants face are the part of this story that need to be addressed."
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