NAMI's Ask the Expert Webinar: Understanding Self-Harm

MAR. 13, 2018


Held on International Self-Injury Awareness Day 2018, this webinar provides a unique insight into self-harm for those struggling with self-harm, their family members and medical professionals. Evidence-based techniques that can be used to provide support and reduce and eliminate self-harming behavior are also discussed. 

Our Expert

We are honored to have an international expert present our first NAMI's Ask the Expert. Senator Joan Freeman is a psychologist from Ireland who has been a psychotherapist and founder and CEO of Pieta House (The Suicide and Self-Harm Crisis Centers).

She is currently an Irish Senator, founder and CEO of Solace House (Suicide Prevention Center) in New York, and is the author of the best-selling book Cover-up: Understanding Self-Harm.


Watch the Replay


SEP, 16, 2018 07:36:15 PM
audrey ricker
I was able to watch about a half hour of this webinar and loved it but then had to attend to something else. Now that I try to get it back, I'm having problems. I want to thank you for making the webinars available to me. I missed Cultural Competency Thursday and was able to hear it today. --Audrey Ricker

MAY, 06, 2018 12:05:18 AM
George Sproul
Hi! I missed the last webinar and was wondering if I could access it still online?


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