NAMI Voting & Elections Information

2017 NAMI Board of Directors Nominations, Bylaws Amendments and Resolutions

5 NAMI Members were elected to the 2017-2018 NAMI Board of Directors at the Annual Meeting held in Washington, DC. To see more information about the newly elected board members, visit Meet the  New 2017 Board Members.

One amendment to the NAMI Bylaws was also approved by 94% of the voting membership. To read the details of the new amendment, visit 2017 Bylaws Amendment.

Read the NAMI Elections 2017 Information for Candidates & Nominating NAMI Affiliates/NAMI State Organizations for additional information and guidance on nominating or deciding to run for the NAMI Board of Directors.

Voting Packets containing information on the NAMI Elections and Voting Process will be arriving just after Memorial Day in the offices of all chartered NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates in good standing (have 5 paid active members and embrace the NAMI Mission). Visit the Voting Packet page for more details about the documents that are included in those packets.

Voting at NAMI is conducted through the use of an online voting system called Evote by Elections Online. Details about the system and a qiuck demo of how the system works can be found on the Online Voting page. Whether affiliates or states are voting Absentee Online or onsite at Convention. Elections Online will handle ballots cast either way.

The election of new members to the NAMI Board of Directors and voting on the proposed amendment takes place just before the Annual meeting which will be held in conjunction with the National Convention in Washington, DC, June 28 - July 1, 2017.

Five (5) candidates will be elected to serve for the standard three-year term. Nominees must be NAMI members of record of the NAMI Affiliate or NAMI State Organization making the nomination. Each NAMI Affiliate and NAMI State Organization may nominate no more than one candidate. Nominations may only be made by NAMI Affiliates and NAMI State Organizations that have submitted their membership and paid dues by the nomination deadline of April 2, 2017. (90 days before the date of the Annual Meeting.)

To ensure compliance with NAMI’s bylaws, 75 percent of the NAMI Board must be “persons who have or have had lived experience with serious mental illness, or parents or other relatives, including civil partners, thereof.” Candidates are asked to make a statement to this effect.

All current members of the NAMI Board consider themselves to be persons who have or have had lived experience with serious mental illness, or parents or other relatives, including civil partners thereof. 

Bylaws amendment proposals and resolutions:

For consideration at the 2017 NAMI Annual Convention, proposed amendments to NAMI Bylaws and proposed resolutions must be sent to the NAMI office at the above address by return-receipt mail and received by NAMI no later than April 2, 2017. Proposed amendments to the NAMI Bylaws must be submitted in amendment form. For guidance on making submissions, please contact us at

To find out more about how voting works at NAMI, visit Voting at NAMI.

For more information on the 2017 Elections, visit the 2017 NAMI Elections page.

If you have any questions about the nominations, bylaws amendments, resolution and elections processes, please contact us at