2017 NAMI Elections

Voting in the 2017 NAMI Elections took place on Friday, June 30, at the Annual Convention in Washington, DC. 5 new board members were elected to serve on the 2017-2018 NAMI Board of Directors. The bylaws amendment was also passed.

To see the results of the elections, visit the Newly Elected Members page.

In this year's elections, the proposed amendment to the NAMI Bylaws passed. Visit 2017 Bylaws Amendments for more information.

For more information about how NAMI Affiliates and NAMI State Organizations participate in the voting process for NAMI Elections, visit Voting at NAMI.

To learn more about the entire current NAMI Board of Directors, take a look at the Meet the Board page.

Key Facts about the 2017 Elections

Please take note of these important facts when nominating a candidate to run for the NAMI Board:

  • Five (5) candidates will be elected to serve for the standard three-year term.
  • Nominees must be NAMI members of record and a member of the NAMI Affiliate or NAMI State Organization making the nomination.
  • Each NAMI Affiliate and NAMI State Organization may nominate no more than one candidate.
  • Nominations from NAMI State Organizations can only be accepted from chartered state organizations. Nominations from NAMI Affiliates can only be accepted if the Affiliate is in good standing at the time of making the nomination. For NAMI Affiliates, "in good standing" means the Affiilates embrace the NAMI misson and have at least 5 paid members.
  • If you are interested in serving on the NAMI Board of Directors, contact your NAMI Affiliate or NAMI State Organization leadership to express your interest. There is NOT an individual application process - members who wish to run for the Board of Directors must be nominated by their Affiliate or State Organization.
  • To ensure compliance with NAMI’s Bylaws, 75 percent of the NAMI Board must be “persons who have or have had mental illness, or parents or other relatives thereof.” Candidates will be asked to make a statement to this effect.

If you have any questions about the nominations and elections processes, please contact us at voting@nami.org.