Jim Hayes, M.D.

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Nominated by NAMI South Carolina

Member, NAMI Greenville (SC)

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My wife and I are parents to 3 children who live with Bipolar II disorder as well as 2 grandchildren who live with Autism Spectrum disorder.

Please describe how your skills, knowledge and experience will contribute to the NAMI Board of Directors role in delivering on the strategic plan. Using no more than 300 words per driver, respond to each of the five drivers in the 2015-2019 NAMI Strategic Plan.

Driver 1: Build A Movement - NAMI will broaden public awareness and inclusion in every part of the alliance.

In the past three years, NAMI has had increasing recognition from many in government, industry and entertainment as the “go to” leader in understanding mental illness. Our leaders have been very vocal at the local, state and national level in promoting NAMI as the source for information and support about all things related to mental illness. This effort has included social media, expert advisors and NAMI members at local, state and national levels. There has been increasing efforts involving all three levels to promote NAMI to communities, states and nationally. If re-elected, I will continue these efforts and help develop new methods beyond these already in place. I particularly would like to continue to work with spiritual care communities to engage them and provide the assistance they need to engage their communities and leaders in rational, caring care. This is a large untapped group of persons who need what NAMI has to offer. At the present, NAMI has a diverse board representing care givers and persons living with mental illness. I intend to embrace all these voices and expand the outreach to diverse communities, including diverse ethnicity and the LGBTQ communities. I will continue to engage our local and state media in these outreach efforts. I will also continue efforts with our state legislature to pass laws increasing Crisis Intervention Team training and mental health courts in our state and advise our United States legislators about these laws.

Driver 2: Leverage Technology - NAMI will expand use of technology to build capacity and connection.

If elected, I will help continue the rapid progress NAMI has made in developing training modules for affiliates. As chairman of the Development Committee, I have seen good progress in developing training modules in fundraising and other financial areas. These will soon be made available. Many new training opportunities are being developed for our signature programs. NAMI Homefront has expanded and is available online nationwide. A new program being filmed now will give the public a chance to see a snapshot of NAMI Signature Programs before committing to a full course. NAMI has a great website that is attracting new users every day. NAMI’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts also continue to attract new users every day. Many of these are new unique users who previously have had little exposure to NAMI. If re-elected, I would support these efforts and encourage new outreach. I would also propose a technology grant program for affiliates to assist in purchase, upgrade and use of new technology, especially for small, poorly resourced affiliates. This could involve actual funding grants and shared purchase pool discounts on technology hardware and software. Online training programs in the use of NAMI technology could also be enhanced. Online chats, blogs and groups need to be developed and utilized more to connect the NAMI community, especially in areas of low population density where NAMI services are sparse. The future is brighter for NAMI because of our increased utilization of technology.

Driver 3: Drive Advocacy - NAMI will lead advocacy efforts that drive increased access and quality.

In the past three years, NAMI has been the leader in efforts at mental health reform and helped secure passage of the Twenty First Century Cures bill that included mental health reform. NAMI staff and members worked tirelessly to ensure that Congress understood the importance of this bill. Numerous e-mails, letters and phone calls were received by Congress thanks to the tireless efforts of so many NAMI staffers and members. If re-elected, I will continue to support all these reform efforts. Now the big concern is mental health funding with the recently elected administration and Medicaid coverage for those living with mental illness. NAMI has a strong legislative staff, and I will pledge them my full support as a board member. All of us in NAMI must remain alert and aware of what is going on in Washington and be ready to inform our Congress of our fears and concerns as they move forward. Be ready on a moment’s notice to call, write or email your Congressman! I have continued to be involved in our state CIT training program and will continue to push for increasing training opportunities for all of our jurisdictions, big and small, across our state and our nation! Everyone deserves good interactions with law enforcement! I have advocated for improved legislation in our state and across the nation. NAMI has led efforts to decrease use of incarceration as de facto mental illness treatment. We must all work to take mental illness treatment out of the Criminal Justice system and back into the mental health system.

Driver 4: Focus on Youth - NAMI will develop and implement strategies that engage youth, young adults and their families, expanding our reach across the lifespan.

NAMI has led the way in the past three years for inclusion of younger people in the mental health system through new programs and presence on social media. If re-elected, I will promote and encourage this activity. The Say It Out Loud program is a great advance in awareness for young people about mental illness in themselves and others. I have received the training for facilitating the presentation, and I am working with our local school district to make presentations. I have presented the program to a large religious group as a way of assisting pastors, youth leaders and young church members as a way of assisting those who live with mental illness in their congregations.  The First Episode Psychosis (FEP) program is an enormous advance in care for young persons newly diagnosed with psychosis associated mental illness and must be shared with many providers. I will assist our state with the roll out of FEP as one of the pilot states. I will continue to push our legislators for health care funding for young people who live with mental illness and health care parity for them as well. I will continue to encourage partnership between NAMI and other groups that have a focus on youth and their needs. I will continue to encourage research into the causes of mental illness in young people. Youth represent our future in NAMI. We must encourage their involvement and participation in our NAMI activities.

Driver 5: Strengthen the Organization - NAMI will grow and develop financing, infrastructure and capacity that support a vibrant and bold organization.

NAMI has had a remarkable three year run in strengthening the organization. Many affiliates have completed the reaffiliation process, and many more are in process. This process has given NAMI strength and credence in the business world and in the nonprofit organization community. Many large funding organizations look for this kind of activity as proof that an organization is sound and worthy of grants. NAMI staff has worked tirelessly to expedite this process. I have been delighted to have been part of the board that has made this all possible. If re-elected I pledge to continue this vital improvement. NAMI has continued to grow financial resources and overall revenue is up over 10% this past year. There are many new funding sources, many of whom will be here for the long haul. Individual giving has greatly increased and will be a great stable funding source into the future. This increased giving reflects the increased awareness of NAMI in the communities and the increased outreach through our signature programs. Local affiliates are stronger, better resourced and more active in their outreach. If re-elected, I will continue to support and encourage these activities. Our board of directors is very engaged at the local and state level and helps make this possible. Our board brings extraordinary talents and skills that have strengthened NAMI in many different areas such as fundraising. If re-elected I will continue to assist in these endeavors. I will continue to push for better research into causes and cures of mental illnesses. I am co-founder of a post mortem brain tissue donation bank in South Carolina and hope to extend this nationwide. Being part of the NAMI Board of Directors has been an awesome privilege the past three years!

Job Title or Position: Retired Pediatric Oncologist and Research Compliance Officer

Employer: Greenville Health System

NAMI Affiliations: President, NAMI South Carolina Board of Directors

Other Board Service: President, Davis Lar International Childrens Fund, 2015-2018; Vice Chairman, Taylors Free Medical Clinic, 2016-2019

Previous NAMI Board of Directors Service: 2014-2017

Candidate Statement as Published in the NAMI Advocate

My wife and I are parents to 3 children who live with Bipolar II disorder as well as 2 grandchildren who live with Autism Spectrum disorder.

I came to NAMI in a desperate attempt to understand my children's illness and NAMI Family-to-Family was life-saving for us. I have been a NAMI Family-to-Family teacher, NAMI Parents & Teachers as Allies teacher and member of NAMI Greenville SC, president of NAMI SC and presently NAMI national board member since 2014.

If re-elected, I will use my position to continue the enormous progress we have made on Building a Movement as we have made in reaching diverse communities and in strengthening our voice and increasing our visibility and impact. With Leveraging Technology, I will continue to support our great increase in social media presence and our increase in online education initiatives. Our IT department is very productive with our board support. With Driving Advocacy, I will continue to support efforts to strengthen health reform both at a national and state level and continue efforts to reach difficult to engage populations through my work with homelessness and poverty and through the criminal justice system. With Focus on Youth, I will continue assisting with the enormous strides NAMI has made with new youth-directed programs, and I am trained in NAMI Ending the Silence. Strengthening the Organization will continue to be a primary focus of my board service, having assisted NAMI SC affiliates on re-affiliation, and chaired the Development Committee with an increase in individual and corporate gifts

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