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Information on Corona virus (COVID-19)

Message from NAMI's CEO

We recognize that people affected by mental illness face additional challenges dealing with COVID-19. Now, more than ever, it’s important to remember that there is no health without mental health. During these difficult times, we encourage you to take care of yourselves and check in on loved ones. You are not alone, and we will get through this together.
—Daniel H. Gillison, Jr.

NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide

NAMI released the NAMI COVID-19 Resource and Information Guide to answer frequently asked questions regarding the intersection between Coronavirus, or COVID-19, and people affected by mental illness, their caregivers and loved ones. The guide features FAQs on a variety of topics from managing anxiety and social isolation to accessing health care and medications.



Important Updates

NAMI is here to help and will continually update our website as issues arise. NAMI strongly encourages people to not only check the CDC website daily for updates, but to also listen for updates from local news and public health care providers.

3/25/2020: NAMI's Stance on COVID-19 Discrimination


NAMI condemns all acts of discrimination directed against any specific community or population. The same way we fight discrimination against people with mental illness, we stand against racist acts against individuals of Chinese descent and any member of the Asian diaspora and Asian American communities.

We will reinforce this message across our entire Alliance, and to the public, by circulating fact-based information and dispelling any misinformation. We remain committed to serving all.

3/20/2020: NAMI Responds to COVID-19


NAMI encourages tips recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to help prevent the spread of the Coronavirus. In addition, NAMI released mental health tips to help people cope with an extended quarantine period at home.

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