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Multicultural communities often face unique issues when getting care for mental health. This infographic highlights how culture can affect mental health and the ability to get care.


NAMI Multicultural Mental Health Infographic


Find a Culturally Competent Provider

About National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month (Blank)

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Flyer

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  • Mental health affects all of us. Learn about it at
  • If 1 in 5 people experiences a mental health problem in this country, why don’t we hear about these conditions more often? Get informed at
  • Mental health matters to me. I invite you to learn more about it and help me celebrate National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month.
  • Dealing with a mental health problem is already hard enough. Why do people from diverse communities experience additional barriers to treatment and receive poorer quality of care? Get informed at
  • July is National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month. Share your #MinorityMentalHealth story at
  • In the U.S., a person dies from suicide every 15 minutes. People from diverse communities are no exception. Learn how to help at
  • People living with mental illnesses, particularly people of color, have increased risk for other illnesses such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. Learn more at
  • Half of all cases of mental disorders begin by age 14 and three-fourths by age 24. Learn more at
  • Research shows that for every $1 invested in prevention and early treatment programs, $2 to $10 could be saved in related costs including criminal and juvenile justice, educational and lost productivity. Learn more at

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