Minority Mental Health Stories

Stories To Share

Watch and share these stories highlighting cultural perspectives and experiences in mental health. Be sure to share your story so others know they are not alone.  

Short video featuring African American NAMI leaders' perspectives on mental health
recovery and support.

Short Spanish-language video with moving testimony from NAMI Latino leaders on the hope of recovery for families and individuals living with mental illness and how NAMI can support us.

Short video featuring LGBTQ NAMI leaders and supporters sharing their experiences and perspectives on mental health recovery and support.

Amanda Wang, boxer, budding filmmaker, founder of RethinkBPD. "This fight is the reason that I am alive."

Jessica Gimeno tells her story of experiences at the intersection of racism and stigma.

Masipula Sithole Jr. describes the power of music in healing and demonstrates with a kalimba (also known as a thumb piano) from his native Zimbabwe.

Yashi Brown recites her mental illness-themed poem dedicated to NAMI and Project Return Peer Support Network.

New York Times profile of NAMI President, Keris Myrick from the 2011 series Lives Restored. Read the associated article.

NAMI New Jersey's Documenting Our Presence: Multicultural Experiences of Mental Illness has been widely shown and embraced around the country. Watch the trailer and purchase the DVD here.

Stephen Puibello, who lives with bipolar disorder and HIV, shares about his web promotion of resources and participation in cycling events to raise funds and awareness of his diagnoses and LGBTQ mental health supports.

NAMI's interview series with Latino leaders in English and Spanish 

Inspired by these stories? Share your story of how mental health affects you so that others know they are not alone.