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First-Ever Drug for Postpartum Depression Approved Thirty Years After Groundbreaking Discovery

Mar 19 2019
Approximately 1 in 9 women in the United States experiences symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD). Fortunately, research uncovered the biological causes of PPD and lead to the development of a specific treatment. As one part of a major research project funded by the National Institute of Mental Health in the 1980s, researchers discovered that the hormone metabolite allopregnanolone interacts with the neurotransmitter GABA to trigger the symptoms of PPD. After years of further study and clinical trials, the FDA has approved Zulresso (brexanolone), the first-ever drug to specifically treat postpartum depression. To learn more, please visit the NIMH website.

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NIH Announce New Long-Term Study on Child Brain Development, Substance Use, and Stress

Mar 11 2019
The National Institutes of Health has announced a new long-term study to improve our understanding of the impacts of early exposure to opioids and other substances, environmental toxins, and social stress during fetal development and early childhood. The HEALthy Brain and Childhood Development (HBCD) Study, lead by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), is part of NIH’s HEAL (Helping to End Addiction Long-Term) Initiative. This ambitious research will help us create detailed baseline standards for healthy brain development in early childhood. To learn more, please visit the NIDA website.

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FDA Approves Esketamine Nasal Spray for Treatment-Resistant Depression

Mar 05 2019
Individuals with major depressive disorder who struggle to manage their symptoms despite trying multiple antidepressant treatments over a long period of time may have treatment-resistant depression. The FDA has approved a new drug for this serious condition through the expedited Breakthrough Therapy designation process. Spravato (esketamine) is a nasal spray prescribed to be used together with an oral antidepressant and administered under the supervision of a health care provider. To learn more, please visit the FDA website.

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