Below you will find all the NAMI Smarts State Trainer documents in the order that they are meant to be printed. Please follow the printing instructions listed below each section.

Binder Materials

(print on heavy white paper)

Facilitation Guide Cover

Facilitation Guide Spines

Inside Front Pocket Pages


NAMI Smarts Facilitation Guide

(print 2 sided, in color, 3-hole punch)

Facilitation Guide



(print 1 sided, in color)

Module and Teacher Training Certificates



(print 2 sided, in color)

NAMI Smarts Brochure

NAMI Smarts Flyer


Trainer Documents

(print 1 sided, in color)

Friday-Sunday Trainer Scripts

Teacher Training Planner Template

Teach-Back Constructive Feedback Form

Module 4 Teach-Back Strips

Module 5 Teach-Back Strips

Module 6 Teach-Back Strips

NAMI Smarts Sample Budget

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