NAMI Smarts is designed to be taught as a series of three skill-building modules ranging from one to two hours each. Module 1: Telling Your Story is the core module that other modules are built on. These three modules can be taught together in a single day, or taught at different times. Additionally, NAMI Smarts has three topic-specific modules that can be taught with the skill-building modules or independently. 

Download the complete Teacher Manual and Facilitation Guide for printing here:

NAMI Smarts Teacher Manual (Modules 1-6, Advocacy Day Module, print single-sided) Last updated September 2019

NAMI Smarts Facilitation Guide (print double-sided) Last updated August 2019


Module 1: Telling Your Story

Telling a compelling story that makes an “ask” in 90 seconds

NAMI Smarts Module 1 Teacher Script

NAMI Smarts Module 1 Worksheets

NAMI Smarts Module 1 Slides

NAMI Smarts Module 1 Certificate


Module 2: Contacting Your Policymaker

Writing an effective email, giving an elevator pitch and making an impactful phone call

NAMI Smarts Module 2 Teacher Script

NAMI Smarts Module 2 Worksheets

NAMI Smarts Module 2 Slides

NAMI Smarts Module 2 Certificate


Module 3: Meeting Your Policymaker

Orchestrating a successful meeting with an elected official

NAMI Smarts Module 3 Script

NAMI Smarts Module 3 Worksheets

NAMI Smarts Module 3 Slides

NAMI Smarts Module 3 Certificate

Module 4: Medication: Protecting Choice

Topic-specific module to bring the voice of lived experience to advocacy to protect access to psychiatric medications

NAMI Smarts Module 4 Teacher Script

NAMI Smarts Module 4 Worksheets

NAMI Smarts Module 4 Slides

NAMI Smarts Module 4 Certificate


Module 5: Parity: Fairness in Health Coverage

Topic-specific module on understanding and advocating for parity in health insurance

NAMI Smarts Module 5 Script

NAMI Smarts Module 5 Worksheets

NAMI Smarts Module 5 Slides

NAMI Smarts Module 5 Certificate


Module 6: Budgets: Funding Our Future

Topic-specific module on advocating for funding for mental health services and supports

NAMI Smarts Module 6 Script

NAMI Smarts Module 6 Worksheets

NAMI Smarts Module 6 Slides

NAMI Smarts Module 6 Certificate


Advocacy Day Module

NAMI Smarts Advocacy Day Script

NAMI Smarts Advocacy Day Demo Script

NAMI Smarts Advocacy Day Worksheets

NAMI Smarts Advocacy Day Slides


Other Documents

NAMI Smarts Permission Form

NAMI Smarts Flyer

NAMI Smarts Brochure

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