Keino McWhinney

Keino McWhinney
Nominated by NAMI Texas
Member, NAMI Lubbock (TX)
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Specific Strengths and Attributes:

  • Diversity of age, race, ethnicity, language, experience and national geography
  • Knowledge of the philanthropic community and track record with donor cultivation
  • Experience with a variety of revenue models and financial oversight and management
  • Health care/medicine especially in team-based practice that provides integrated physical and mental health care
  • Criminal Justice experience, professional and/or lived, to provide insight into one of the central platforms of the NAMI 2020-2025 Strategic Plan

Job Title or Position:

  • Secretary, Board of Regents, Texas Tech University System

Other Board Service:

  • Executive Committee, Texas Child Mental Health Care Consortium (TCMHCC), One year served
  • Member, Board of Directors, Ozarks Wellness Network (OWN it), One year served

Relationship to Mental Health:

  • Community Engagement/Employer.

My diverse background both personally and based on my geographic point of reference in rural West Texas give me a unique perspective in the complexity of the mental health landscape.

In addition, my experience in higher education and specifically my work for an academic health related university brings with it the ability to engage thought leaders from different areas such as academia, research, and clinical practice. My experience in the university setting has also informed my understanding of the need to practice integrated medicine where both physical health and mental health are seen as inseparable to caring for the whole person.

Finally, I am a strong proponent of the use of dialogue in producing deep and rich discussions as part of the decision-making process. I believe that many of our intractable problems remain unsolved not because of a lack of technical knowledge but because of a failure to reach common ground among people who have good intentions but differing viewpoints. One of my identified strengths is a desire to create harmony and consensus and it has served me well in navigating the interests of multiple stakeholders.

I have personally helped advance the NAMI mission in my community by serving as an advocate for mental health awareness and education in the Lubbock community and in the state of Texas. I have been a conference presenter on mental health policy issues at the Texas Association of Counties’ 2019 annual conference, and I have sponsored and hosted multiple mental health events at Texas Tech University and Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center including but not limited to Mental Health First Aid trainings.

I work well in coordination with other leaders to accomplish goals as evidenced by Serving as a convener of key stakeholders (city, county, hospitals, foundations, and higher education) in the Lubbock community. In this capacity I was able to work with a team to facilitate a community wide mental health needs assessment conducted by the Meadows Mental Health Policy Institute. This required over six months of stakeholder engagement and relationship building and culminated in the local stakeholders contributing financially to the assessment while also being willing participants in ongoing dialogue and consensus building. I cannot overstate my belief in the power of dialogue as a tool in finding common ground.

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