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NAMI State and Affiliate Logos

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Download your
NAMI State Organization and NAMI Affiliate logos!

Download the zipfile for your NAMI State organization or NAMI Affiliate logos. These can be found under your NAMI State Organization's folder. Once you download and open the file, you will find:

  • PDF or EPS files (color and black and white files for print or professional design)
  • JPEG files (standard color and black and white image files)
  • PNG or GIF (color and black and white logos with transparency)

A file type refers to the type of information a file contains. Depending on what you are using a file for, a different file type may be needed. When selecting the proper file type, using the proper type of image is important.

Here is what we mean:

File Extension Program Use Notes
EPS or PDF Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat, Photoshop Professional Printing Scalable files for printing and design.
JPG or JPEG Photoshop, Word, Basic Image Editors DIY printing or desktop publishing General files for self printed flyers, documents, handouts or web use.
PNG or GIF Photoshop, Word, Internet Applications web, internet Transparent image files for web use or placing over other images.


Don't see your NAMI organization's logo? Email standards@nami.org.

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