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Post on you own social media channels. Here are some sample social media posts you could use:

  • @akasorority1908 and @NAMICommunicate: joining forces to raise #mentalhealthawareness. Help spread the word: #mentalhealth matters.
  • #Mentalhealth affects all of us. It can strike anyone at any time. Lear more at www.nami.org
  • “Checking in” on a friend or loved one can go a long way in making a difference in their life, it can help save a life. #mentalhealth matters
  • #Mentalhealth affects 1 in 4 Americans. You are not alone in this fight. @NAMICommunicate is here to help. www.nami.org
  • African Americans have less access to #mentalhealth care and receive poorer quality of care. Find out more at www.nami.org
  • Having to deal with a #mentalhealth issue is hard enough. Why do African Americans face barriers to care? Find out at nami.org

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