Personal Stories

It’s Okay

In the last few years it took many months and countless attacks to finally believe in a simple phrase. The darkness held its ground, but my escape through writing spread through the cracks of its foundation and shined light in places unimaginable. Each letter formed, slowly chipped away at the infrastructure fear had on me. Investing time in a different perspective allowed self-forgiveness to repaint over personal colors who have turned dull. The pivotal point in my journey was accepting the fact that it’s okay

It’s okay for people to have blind eyes to what you are going through. It’s a beautiful sight you offer when seeing how much courage you hold by facing persistent, unwelcoming storms. What you feel and witness on a daily basis cannot be imagined by many, yet you stand tall in the face of fear. You are both a breathing miracle and blessing to the souls you touch.

It’s okay to feel every ounce of emotion that surrounds you in unwilling hours. It means you’re alive and still fighting. Acceptance allow you to grow, and in time heal wounds formed from mental storms. You may feel like you’re drowning now, but in clear skies you will stand on the peaks of mountain tops. The powerful rays of the sun reflect on your skin, and in time you have another opportunity to display your courage.

It’s okay to feel alone at times. Time spent alone grabs ahold of the flickering flame within. It exposes an exact depiction of what you want. Take advantage of it and never lose sight. In moments where you are surrounded by complete joy, your senses are heightened from what you endured. Time spent on yourself is valuable time spent on your future. 

It’s okay to embrace happiness. It’s yours to keep and for you to receive many times after. I know sometimes it feels foreign or only temporary, but it constantly awaits you.  Joyful moments pass over the storms and fills your lungs with pure oxygen. Each breath you take in blissful moments are victories from previous battles fought. 

It’s okay to trust those you closely love. They may not understand, but they care deeply. Best intentions flow from their lips and into our hearts. They dedicate their time to improve ours. Patience runs thick from a mutual desired future. They endure our storms and still hold on tightly.

It’s okay to smile. Compliment the finest moments of life by radiating your personal colors within. Every smile establishes your roots in a world you deserve to be a part of. The pure cycle of emotions that flow throughout your body shows what the future has to offer. Foreign eyes seek comfort from an authentic smile. You have the power to create an everlasting impact solely based on your joy. 

Lastly, it’s okay to love yourself. Everything you are is perfectly placed in the life you live. Your smile changes lives and creates moments no one else can. You send a unique wave through humanity, trademarked by your genuine self. The words you say and actions you create, can only be done by the thoughts you claim. The slightest sign of acceptance allows your full potential to flourish. You alone are beautiful. Believe me when I say, “It’s okay.”


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