An Insurance Penalty From Postpartum Depression
Posted on Feb 26 2016
New York Times

Life and disability insurance sometimes penalize women, charging them more money, excluding mental illness from coverage or declining to cover them at all.

Ensuring a Safe Hospital Environment
Posted on Feb 23 2016
New York Times

Letter to the editor by NAMI's president responds to "When the Hospital Fires a Bullet" (linked). We should not tolerate Tasers and bullets aimed at people experiencing mental health emergencies in hospitals. 

‘Nut job,’ ‘wacko,’ ‘basket case’: How Donald Trump’s put-downs may impact mental health stigma
Posted on Feb 22 2016
Washington Post

Stigmatizing words, stereotypes and portrayals end up helping to shape society’s attitudes around mental illness. You can’t say it’s harmless, because it isn’t.

People Abuse the Word Schizophrenic on Twitter—and That’s Terrible
Posted on Feb 18 2016
Future Tense (AU New America Slate)

Co-authored bty NAMI's medical director, the study is the first to examine the stigma of mental illness on social media. weets were compared with those for diabetes. Thirty-three percent were negativer; twice the rate for diabetes.

Reducing Mental Health Risk for Kids in Military Families
Posted on Feb 18 2016
US News & World Report

In addition to children who attend schools on military bases, there are 1 to  1.3 million kids enrolled in public schools whose parents are active-duty military, reserve or veterans, but most principals and teachers aren’t aware if children come from military families.

LGBQ Students Are Far More Likely to Report Feeling Overwhelmed and Depressed
Posted on Feb 16 2016

Sometimes a double stigma exists. While society is more accepting of the LGBTQ community, LGBT people  may face both a stigma from identifying with a certain sexual orientation and a stma of having a mental health condition.

Senators debate details of mental health bills and again clash on gun control
Posted on Feb 10 2016
Modern Healthcare

NAMI has endorsed S.2002 introduced by Senator John Cornyn. 

My dad killed himself when I was 13. He hid his depression. I won’t hide mine.
Posted on Feb 09 2016
Washington Post
*NAMI Member

Living with depression and axiety disorder, the author finally accepted that her conditions are real illnesses and  not flaws and her fault--and that recovery was possible and theydidn’t have to end with suicide. Those truths helped her find compassion for her dad.

'Schizophrenia' does not exist, argues expert
Posted on Feb 02 2016
Medical Xpress

Besides its stigmatizing,harshness as a word, is schizophrenia even an appropriate term for diagnosis?

Scientists open the ‘black box’ of schizophrenia with dramatic genetic discovery
Posted on Jan 27 2016
Washington Post
*NAMI video and assistant medical director

Fo the first time, scientists have identified a molecular process in the brain that helps to trigger schizophrenia. It might ultimately lead to early detection and new treatments.