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Without Doctors Or Insurance, St. Louisans Visit The Emergency Room For Mental Health
Posted on Jul 15 2019

NAMI mentioned
A growing number of people in the St. Louis region are seeking mental health treatment in emergency rooms, according to a report from the St. Louis County health departments. The report found an increase of more than 40% for people seeking mental health care in emergency rooms. “The one-time treatment given in emergency room departments, even at the best hospitals, is often incompatible with the treatment needed to treat mental health problems,” said Jennifer Snow, Public Policy Director, NAMI. “Illnesses such as depression, addiction and schizophrenia often require regular doctors’ visits to monitor treatment and provide counseling or other types of therapy,” she said. “We need to make mental health care more accessible so people can get treated before they get to a situation where they are in crisis and have nowhere else to turn other than go to the ER,” Snow said.