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Which of These Women Has a Mental Illness?
Posted on Apr 18 2016
Women's Health

The editor of Women's Health writes about her diagnosis with obsessive-compulsive disorder. A survey conducted by NAMI and the magazine reveals that 78% of respondents suspect they have a mental illness and 65% have been diagnosed with one.

His mom publicly compared him to killer Adam Lanza. Now the teen is opening up about his bipolar disorder.
Posted on Apr 14 2016
Washington Post

His mother intensified dvocacy for greater mental health awareness, but he remained anonymous in order to concentrate on recovery. After a decade of misdiagnoses and failed medications, overnights in hospitals and juvenile jails, he is now in control of his own mind and ready to also be in control of his own story.

Investing in treatment for depression and anxiety leads to fourfold return
Posted on Apr 12 2016
World Health Organization/World Bank (press release)

For the first time, a study estimates both health and economic benefits of investing in treatment of the most common forms of mental illness world-wide. For every $1 iincreased investment in treatment for depression and anxiety, there is a return of $4.

Patty Duke's Greatest Role: Mental Health Pioneer
Posted on Mar 30 2016
Newsmax Health

Patty Duke worked with NAMI to lobby Congress, but her courage in going public provided a role model that made her invaluable.

24 Real Ways to Help Someone Who's Feeling Suicidal
Posted on Mar 24 2016
The Mighty

If there is one rule of thumb, it is this: Listen. Everyone’s different, but these will also give you insight into what someone who’s suicidal really needs.

Where the 2016 Candidates Stand on Mental Health Issues
Posted on Mar 24 2016
NBC News

Mental health gets comparatively little exposure as a serious issue on the presidential campaign trail and it is rare for candidates to mention it as its own issue. NBC provides a sampling of what candidates have said.

Saving Amanda: One Family's Struggle to Deal with a Daughter's Mental Illness
Posted on Mar 14 2016
Kaiser Health News/Women's Day
*NAMI -- Amanda is a member of NAMI's Youth Advisory Group

It took eight years for Amanda Lipp to get adequate care for her bipolar disorder. Now, she and her mom, Pam, are sharing their story to fight stigma around mental illness so others don't have to go it alone.


New Studies of the 'Natural History' of Schizophrenia Raise Hope for New Treatments
Posted on Mar 11 2016
Medical News Today

According to a special issue of the Harvard Review of Psychiatry, emerging evidence on the development and long-term course of schizophrenia provide reasons for optimism for developing new treatments and preventive approaches.

National Alliance on Mental Illness creates new resource for students
Posted on Mar 08 2016
U Conn Daily Campus

NAMI has created a new series of infographics for students with concerns for their own mental health as well as those who would like to help a friend

Bernie Sanders' Mental Health Joke About the GOP is No Laughing Matter
Posted on Mar 08 2016
U.S. News & Wordled Report
*NAMI op-ed by Mary Giliberti

No candidate would make a joke during a political debate about people fighting cancer or living with diabetes. The same standard of seriousness, decency and respect should apply to mental health. All candidates – national, state and local – should be talking about mental health during the 2016 election campaigns. That includes speaking out against stigma

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