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Their dad killed himself on the farm where he was born. They hope his story will save others
Posted on Aug 21 2018
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Discusses how a daughter is determined to take her family's anguish and use it for good by advocating on behalf of other farmers who may be in crisis before it’s too late for them. 

Just Because Someone Wants a Cop to Shoot Him Dead Doesn’t Mean We Have to Comply
Posted on Aug 19 2018
Sacramento Bee
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Discusses the uses of deadly force by police officers in cases involving individuals with mental illness and alternative non-lethal ways of handling the situation.

Tips for Traveling Safely When You Have a Serious Mental Illness
Posted on Aug 15 2018
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Discusses how traveling can create additional risks for people with a serious mental illness and provides tips that may help.

Antianxiety drugs — often more deadly than opioids — are fueling the next drug crisis in U.S.
Posted on Aug 03 2018
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Discusses the rise in benzodiazepines prescriptions that overdose deaths involving benzodiazepines have quadrupled between 2002 and 2015, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. 

The Insurance Industry’s Secret Fight Against Mental Health Equality
Posted on Aug 03 2018
Morning Consult

Opinoin piece on the issue of parity that points out the discrepancy between physical and behavioral health claims, and underscores the unfair and illegal nature of the insurance industry’s actions.

Three ways to get people the mental-health care they need
Posted on Aug 03 2018
Washington Post
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Opinion piece by Kate Farinholt, Executive Director, NAMI Maryland; Jean Harris, Executive Director, NAMI DC and Rhonda Thissen, Executive Director, NAMI Virginia discusses the importance of enforcing mental health parity which requires that health-insurance plans provide the same coverage for treatment of mental illness and addiction as for physical ailments.

Crisis Counselors Reveal the 9 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Anxiety
Posted on Jun 12 2017
Readers Digest

NAMI's HelpLine manager is iinterviewed about coping mechanisms than can help people with anxiety disorders.

Understanding Stigma as a Mental Healthcare Barrier
Posted on Jun 08 2017
Patient EngagementHIT

In a study published in Psychological Science in the Public Interest, Patrick Corrigan of the Illinois Institute of Technology reported that about 40 percent of the 60 million patients suffering from mental illness go without treatment. Perceived stigma is a significant barrier for patients seeking mental healthcare. Other barriers include lack of knowledge about mental healthcare, inability to recognize symptoms in one’s self, and inability to identify adequate healthcare resources for mental health symptoms.

Jimmy Piersall, Whose Mental Illness Was Portrayed in 'Fear Strikes Out,' Dies at 87
Posted on Jun 04 2017
New York Times

Playing for the Red Sox in the 1950s, Jimmy Piersall, daignosed with bipolar disorder, was one of the first celebrities to strike stigma out. He is included on NAMI's "Famous People Poster" available through the website's NAMI Store.

Why Mental Health Has Become Political
Posted on May 31 2017
Women's Health

 The editor of Women's Health magazine--NAMI partner--responds to criticism by encouraging discussion about mental illness, and health care in general, from both sides of the political spectrum--while hopng that the end goal is better medical treatment for all women.

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