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Staying Focused on Mental Health
Posted on May 05 2020
ABC News Live
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ABC News’ Maggie Rulli on why taking care of your brain and body by finding your own therapy, including dance, is so important during times of stress and isolation. Dr. Ken Duckworth, CMO of NAMI, discusses the importance of prioritizing your mental health during the pandemic and the importance of social connectedness. There is no health without mental health.

The Best Depression Blogs of 2020
Posted on May 04 2020
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For the second year in a row, the NAMI blog was named one of the Best Depression Blogs of 2020 by Healthline. Depression affects more than 264 million people worldwide — yet it can be hard for some people who live with depression to find the resources they need. Whether it’s a safe space to anonymously share your feelings, useful self-care methods, or the latest in mental health research, you can turn to these blogs and know that you aren’t alone.

Students' mental health will be affected by coronavirus. Are schools ready?
Posted on May 02 2020
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Thousands of mental health care professionals based in schools are scrambling to shift their work online, speaking with students by phone and video call, to varying degrees of success. Jennifer Rothman, senior manager of youth and young adult programs at NAMI, tells Mic, "School-based mental health professionals are going to have to give a lot of grace" to students as they reorient themselves to social life, early mornings, and focusing their attention for long periods of time.

Mental Health and Addiction Facilities Face Collapse
Posted on Apr 30 2020
Business Insider
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Mental health clinics are switching to phone visits and struggling to stay open during the coronavirus pandemic, just as more people need help. However, Angela Kimball, national director for advocacy and public policy at NAMI, said the federal government still hasn't made clear to states that Medicaid and other insurers should pay for mental health visits done over the phone. "This administration needs to remove each and every barrier to telehealth, because if we don't do that then we are not leveraging the current capacity that we've got." 

Ken Duckworth Discusses Mental Health and Addiction Vulnerabilities
Posted on Apr 24 2020
Chris Cuomo Prime Time Show
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Dr. Ken Duckworth, CMO of NAMI discusses mental health and addiction vulnerabilities during the pandemic. View the videoclip on Twitter.

'A high-risk perfect storm': loneliness and financial despair take toll on US mental health
Posted on Apr 24 2020
The Guardian
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With no end in sight, the mental health consequences of COVID-19 are starting to manifest. The country’s weak mental health system may not be able to meet rising demand. Even before the pandemic, half of adults with mental illness did not receive treatment, according to NAMI which has seen calls to its helpline rise by 40% during the pandemic. “The mental health curve is going to have a long tail,” said Dr. Ken Duckworth, CMO of NAMI. “When life finally returns to normal, the following year will not be a good one for mental health.”

Ken Duckworth interviewed for a segment on Mental Health and COVID-19
Posted on Apr 23 2020
CNN Chris Cuomo Prime Time Show
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Dr. Ken Duckworth, CMO of NAMI discusses the mental health impact of the pandemic and vulnerabilities that are increasing anxiety and depression. When should you reach out for help and what resources are available?

'Grandma' and 'Grandpa' among top words trending in crisis text line grief conversations
Posted on Apr 20 2020
Yahoo! News
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Reports that one month into the quarantine, the kinds of mental health crises people are experiencing are changing and evolving as the pandemic wears on. “I think everybody has started to realize that we're in a chronic reality as opposed to an acute reality,” says Dr. Ken Duckworth, chief medical officer of NAMI and an assistant clinical professor at Harvard University Medical School. “I think we're just getting into a new normal of this, which is going to be ongoing.” 

Experimental Drug Shows Promise for Schizophrenia
Posted on Apr 16 2020
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An experimental drug may ease schizophrenia symptoms, without the side effects of existing medications, an early clinical trial suggests. Over one month, the drug helped manage a range of symptoms -- from delusions and hallucinations, to flattened emotions and social withdrawal. The drug, dubbed SEP-363856, also appeared to avoid the side effects common with standard antipsychotic medications. Dr. Ken Duckworth, CMO of NAMI said, "I'm glad to see they're investing in a drug with a new mechanism of action. And I'm cautiously optimistic about it." 

Instagram Connects Users To Mental Health Resources Amid Coronavirus Pandemic
Posted on Apr 15 2020
CBS News Bay Area: CA
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Video segment of CBSN Bay Area's Kenny Choi talks with Ken Duckworth, MD with NAMI and Carolyn Merrell, Global Head of Policy Programs at Instagram. They talk about what the social media site connecting users to resources from experts during this challenging time.