My Sister's Keeper

The 212th Presentation Of The Hallmark Hall Of Fame

Jan 30 2001

Based on My Sister's Keeper: Learning to Cope with a Sibling's Mental Illness (1993) by Margaret Moorman, which included discussion of NAMI support groups, this true story is about the journey of discovery, respect and independence between two sisters. Christine (Bates) is diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder as a teenager. 

Her younger sister, Judy (Perkins) is a high achieving, career-centered artist. When their mother (Lynn Redgrave) dies, Judy becomes the trustee for Christine's care, and the two sisters struggle to reconcile an often difficult relationship. Director Ron Lagomarsino has family members with schizophrenia.

NAMI is working with CBS and Hallmark to promote broader public education about mental illnesses around the movie