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"It's Time": NAMI Partners with Lifetime Television, including PSA and Special Website on Mental Illness

Apr 19 2013

ARLINGTON, Va., April 19, 2013 — The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is partnering with Lifetime Television around the premiere of the movie Call Me Crazy: A Five Film on Sat., April 20, 2013, to promote public dialogue about mental illness.

"It's time," declares the Lifetime public service announcement (PSA) that features Jennifer Hudson , Ernie Hudson , Melissa Leo , Jean Smart, Brittany Snow, Octavia Spencer and other members of the movie's cast. The movie is actually a series of five short films focusing on characters who experience mental illness and exploring what happens to relationships with loved ones as they struggle to find hope and triumph.

The PSA ends with promotion of both the movie and a special NAMI website.

"It's time to take action," declares the NAMI site ( "To comment ... speak out and ... make a difference." Visitors are invited to sign up on the NAMI site, share stories that inspire hope and to tell Congress that mental health services are vital for America.

"NAMI is proud to be working with Lifetime Entertainment to provide public education about mental illness," said NAMI Executive Director Michael J. Fitzpatrick . "The movie is intentionally provocative. It creates public dialogue intended to make everyone think about mental illness and its effect on millions of families."

"It is a call to action. It's time for everyone to make a difference."

The movie airs April 20 at 8 p.m. EDT (Check local listings).