NAMI Hearts+Minds

NAMI Hearts + Minds Mental Health is Physical Health

NAMI Hearts+Minds is a program that educates and empowers individuals to better manage their health, mentally and physically.

The need to focus on mental and physical health simultaneously has never been more important. People with mental illness have significantly higher rates of obesity, cardiovascular disease and metabolic disease. These conditions worsen health and reduce lifespans.

The best possible mental health recovery requires attention to all aspects of your health. NAMI believes that mental health is physical health.

This free education program is available as a full one-day session, or as a multi-session course. There is also a Spanish-language version, NAMI Corazones+Mentes.

What You’ll Learn

You’ll gain information and tools that can help you plan and achieve recovery goals and better overall health.

  • How to advocate for your health
  • How physical and mental health are specifically connected
  • Gut health and how nutrition can affect the brain
  • Current information on the interplay of diet and fitness — and how they can influence your symptoms
  • Effective methods for managing the side effects of medication
  • Substance abuse and smoking cessation
  • How to gain a greater sense of control over how you feel

Improve symptoms by learning how body systems interact and by effectively managing the physical effects of mental illness, using strategies that improve long-term health.

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Find a NAMI Hearts+Minds course near you, or ask your NAMI State Organization or NAMI affiliate for more information.