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Updated 5/13/2019

NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce is now live!

We are about 3 months after the launch of NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce and what do we know?  We know it could have gone better, but our efforts to resolve issues and improve the system is working.  

To help us improve we have updated our knowledge base articles to allow comments and ratings.  We need to know from you if you found articles helpful or not.  We will work to make those better based on the feedback provided.  We will also create new video tutorials to demonstrate common tasks as well as tasks related to how to report and use data from the system.  

The numbers we are seeing look promising.  

  • Last year at this time, we had 4,600 new accounts created online.  This year, with Salesforce, we've had over 6,500 accounts created.
  • Support requests have dropped by almost half in the last month.

What's next:

  1. We will resume sending weekly emails to NAMI leaders and NAMI 360 powered by Salesforce users.
  2. We are updating how to report program data for "presentation" programs. *Program leaders can report data using myNAMI. You do not need access to the new NAMI 360 to only report program data.
  3. We will be creating new knowledge articles for specific tasks we've seen support requests for, such as reporting program data and working with reports and data.

Missed the training webinars? Click here to complete the formal training course now.

Just need a refresher on how to navigate the new NAMI 360? Check out the NAMI 360 Knowledge Center for "how to" articles and video clips from the live training webinars. 

Email the NAMI Salesforce Team with questions not addressed in the Knowledge Center: [email protected]