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Updated 2/19/19 

NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce is now live!

The NAMI Salesforce Team is sending log-in invitations to existing NAMI 360 users who frequently used NAMI 360. All NAMI State Office and NAMI Affiliate data and documents from the previous NAMI 360, Profile Center, and Education Portal are now accessible through NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce

If you do not receive an email with instructions to log into the new NAMI 360 by 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, February 19th but need access to create membership batches, manage programs* or upload documents, please contact your Affiliate. States and Affiliates no longer need to request access to NAMI 360 from NAMI national.

*Program leaders can report data using myNAMI. You do not need access to the new NAMI 360 to only report program data.

Formal training is now available! Missed the training webinars? Click here to complete the formal training course now.

Just need a refresher on how to navigate the new NAMI 360? Check out the NAMI 360 Knowledge Center for "how to" articles and video clips from the live training webinars. 

Email the NAMI Salesforce Team with questions not addressed in the Knowledge Center:

The National Alliance on Mental Illness has developed and integrated a new constituent relationship management (CRM) database called Salesforce. It will replace our current CRM, NAMI 360. The new database will empower members of the Alliance with greater oversight and better tools to manage data and resources that support our mission. This new CRM is called NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce

NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce is:
  • A simple to use, reliable, state-of-the-art information platform that provides security and inspires confidence for NAMI State Organizations and NAMI Affiliates using the system.
  • A single online community for grassroots leaders with customized dashboards; a streamlined data reporting process; an easy-to-use tool to import/export data; easier access to educational material; and a holistic view of NAMI members, volunteers and supporters.
  • A new online store with better access to products and shipping options.

NAMI is working with our implementation partner, Fionta, to design, migrate and implement existing capabilities into NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce.

Hear from NAMI CEO Mary Giliberti about the transition to NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce


Want to know more about the transition to NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce? Watch our quick video updates for answers to questions frequently asked by the field.  

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The NAMI Salesforce Team chats about the results of the NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce field tests, registering for training, and what will happen when the new NAMI 360 launches in February.


Dec. 18, 2018
The NAMI Salesforce Team answers your questions about shared constituent information in the new NAMI 360. 


Dec. 12, 2018
The results from Round 1 testing of NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce are in. Hear what volunteers from across the country think about the new system. 

Click HERE for a detailed report of the Round 1 test results.


Dec. 6, 2018
In this latest video update we answer questions from the field about alternatives to the new NAMI 360, and discuss the expansion of categories for data reporting methods. ​


Nov. 16, 2018
Find out why NAMI 360 Powered by Salesforce will make managing NAMI memberships and programs easier for everyone, and why it will be easy for you to learn how to use it.​


Nov. 5, 2018
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