Research Matters

Research is vital to advancing our understanding of mental health and—one day—finding a cure for mental health conditions. Research is the ultimate source of hope for people in recovery and their families.

Scientific research around how the brain works is crucial to understanding early intervention strategies as well as key elements of mental health, including how nutrition, genetics, physical health and medications impact outcomes.

Research is one NAMI's key pillars, in fact one of the core areas of our work is that we advocate for more of it and demand that it get the funding it deserves. We make sure we cover breakthroughs in research in our online and print content, and we even honor one spectacular person every year whose work has broken ground in the field of mental health with our NAMI Scientific research award.

Participating in Research Studies

If you have a mental health condition, taking part in a clinical trial is one way to advance treatment and research for people living today, and in the future. For a current listing of available trials, visit Make sure to familiarize yourself about the protection of research volunteers, too.