How Art Can Help Monitor Bipolar Symptoms

By Taylor Bourassa | Apr. 19, 2016

Taylor Bourassa assessess art therapy in two contexts to offer support to those living with the syptoms/effects of bipolar disorder most specifically, mania and depression.  

May The Skunk Whisperer Be With You

By Nancy Boucher | Apr. 12, 2016

Nancy Pizzo Boucher uses a narrative of her son's experience with a distressed skunk to reveal how better outcomes become more possible when police respond to mental health crises.

Sometimes All You Need is a Bit of Air

By Luna Greenstein | Apr. 06, 2016

NAMI AIR (Anonymous. Inspiring. Relatable.) is an easy and free mobile app designed to support individuals living with a mental health condition(s) and caregivers/family members who wish to connect with and inspire others by sharing their mental health experiences.